It was endowed on 1st of March, 2015 as a political action committee which was funded by grassroots donors. It is dedicated to showing the press and all elections persons including candidates, officials and voters its willingness to fight back the force that is against the Billionaires audaciousness who try to buy elections. This is a set up to pressure lawmakers to act.

What is their mission?

To stop corruption in politics which leads to rigging, by glancing state measures of the ballot and electing vanquishers to deal with issues affecting campaign finance. They will strive to make that happen by; making money issue in politics a national priority, making sure perform laws are passed in the states and demonstrating political power on money issues in politics.

Their finances

The political action committee is majorly funded by the grassroots activists. The grassroots are investors focused to reclaim the United States Democracy thus the End Citizens United is always transparent and open. They believe in transparency’s power while spending in politics hence practicing what they preach.

The endorsed candidates

End Citizens United has endorsed several candidates. One of the candidates is KyrstenSinema, for U.S Senate. She is devoted to bringing transparency as per the committee’s mission. They also endorsed Claire McCaskill, to be re-elected in Missouri as she fought for transparency and accountability. The organization has also endorsed Andy Kim. He was endorsed for Congress on 28th of September 2017 in New Jersey’s 3rd district. Dean Phillips is also part of their endorsements in Minnesota’s 3rd district. End Citizens United also endorsed Jason Crow for Congress in the 6th District of Colorado. Crow gave his word of honor not to accept Political Action Committees money thus making political money-getting, a key colonnade of his campaign. Doug Jones is also a part of their endorsements to fight against Roy Moore, a hate-brimming zealot. Those are amongst many other endorsed candidates.

Hopes for next elections

The organization believes strongly that they will raise $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. They also have build ties with campaign finance groups and work together to come up with common goals. The committee is looking forward to the future while thinking seriously about predisposed candidates in the 2018 upcoming races; the Democratic Senators Sherrod Brown of Ohio and John Tester of Montana.

Presence on social media

The Social Media has brought into existence combustion of both freedom of the press and free access to many millions of members of the Republic of voting. It has also freed the first enhancement that can be used by everyone. Most essentially, it makes everyone accessible to everyone else without any cost. They have also used these platforms to notify the masses on their agendas.

About END CITIZENS UNITED: www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/