EOS Lip Balm- Shaking Up The Makeup Aisle

For years, lip balm has always been a tube that came in a limited amount of flavors. That was until EOS lip Balm came along with their spherical shape, wild flavors like honeydew, and grapefruit, and little to no advertising in the beginning.

Most women use lip balm daily as part of their beauty routine. When EOS came on the market, pots of lip balm were popular, due to how easy it is to lose a tube of lip balm with all the pens and other cylindrical things in the bottom of your bag. While the pot was appealing because they were easy to find while rummaging around in a bag, nobody liked to apply it with their fingers. This is how EOS shook up the makeup aisle and created a unique product that everyone can use, and does.

Jonathan Teller, one of the original creators of EOS, says there was opportunity in competitor’s laziness. They were all trying to undercut each other in pricing to gain sales, however, they were still all selling the same product, in the same shape and flavors as others. Using their own money, they began to develop a product that was fun to use, and a vital part of many women’s daily beauty routines.

To set themselves apart, they marketed a product that used all five senses, at a comparative price, to sell their item. From the fun flavors, the colors of the orbs that hold the lip balm, the way that it feels in your hand, the clicking sound when it closes, and by using organic ingredients so it’s friendly for everyone, EOS has shook up the makeup aisle (http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos) in a way that nobody expected would happen. Better yet, when this small start up began, all their money went to product development and distribution, not advertising. It gained fame by finding its way in the hands of fashion forward millennials, thanks to a female buyer for Target that liked the sphere shape.

For more information, visit the EOS Facebook page and website: evolutionofsmooth.com.

Capital Group Poised For Growth After Appointing New Chairman

Timothy Armour has enjoyed a successful career at Capital Group. Presently, he heads the group as chairman and CEO tasked with increasing its capital under management. He has the experience required for the job because he has been with the company for three decades. Additionally, Tim is also the chairman of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., and Capital Group Companies Management Committee in Los Angeles.

Early Career

Tim is an accomplished equity portfolio manager. In fact, earlier on in his career, after graduating from Middlebury College with an economics degree, he worked as one of Capital Group’s equity investment analysts. He was tasked with covering global telecommunications as well as service companies in the United States.

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Why Tim Armour was Elected Chairman

Tim Armour worked under the former chairman, James Rothenberg, until his passing in 2015. Rothenberg had handpicked Tim as his deputy and was grooming him to be his successor. At the time he headed Capital Research and Management Company as well as the group’s management committee.

After Rothenberg’s death, Capital Group’s Board of Directors called an emergency meeting to appoint a new chairman to lead the company. Jim was chosen over other candidates like Rob Lovelace because he had more experience and possessed the leadership qualities required to run one of the biggest investment management firms in the world.

Rob Lovelace, the grandson of Capital Groups founder and first chairman, is the present president of Capital Research and Management Company. He will continue to work with Tim and other members of the company’s management team to implement the group’s business strategies and oversee operations.

Active Fund Management

Tim Armour has for a long time been a strong proponent of active fund management at Capital Group. He believes that active managers get things done and achieve more success than passive managers who rely on market indexes to make investment advice. Active managers invest more time and resources into market research to find the next big thing and invest their money to achieve a higher return on investment. In turn, this grows their customers’ investments.

Capital Group manages assets worth a whopping 1.4 trillion dollars. With clients like American Funds, Timothy has his work cut out for him. However, he proved to be the perfect man for the job when, in 2015, the group’s sales operations team brought in a record amount of new capital compared to other companies in the industry.


Securus Technologies the Leading Provider of Telecommunication Services in the USA

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. It is an American prison for profit company dealing with technology and has regional offices in Atlanta Georgia, Allen Texas, and Carrollton Texas. The company offers jobs to more than a thousand people in Texas and have entered into contracts with more than two thousand, six hundred companies and correctional facilities in the United States alone. It is believed to be serving over two thousand, two hundred correctional facilities in Canada as well. Since its establishment, Richard Falcone was the chairman and chief executive officer till 2008, when Richard Smith took over. These two gentlemen have led to the growth of the company, and the company is a leading investor in technologies with more than six hundred million in acquisitions, patents and right in just three years.

Securus Technologies provide detainee communication services, parole tracking services, and government information management services. It is one of the largest providers of enterprise technology, analytics, and information technology services. Other than Columbia, Mexico, and Canada the company has more than one million inmates all over the world. It is well known and recognized a leader in providing comprehensive technical solutions and responsive customer service.

Securus Technologies primary duty is to provide criminal justice technology solutions for corrections and monitoring, public safety, and investigation. The company is committed to serving its customers by providing general information, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, and incident management. Their motive is to make this world a better place to live in and also ensure that our prisoners are well maintained. In addition to the above services, Securus Technologies Limited is the leading telephone service provider to inmates in the US. By July 2015, the company had a data breach of close to seventy million phone calls records.

Arizona And Nevada Remain Key For Goettl Air Conditioning

In 1936, when Adam and Gust Goettl left their home in Ohio for Arizona it could hardly have been imagined that over 80 years later their Goettl Brothers Air Conditioning brand would still be one of the major service providers in their new region of Arizona and Nevada. The range of services and options offered by the Goettl brand may have changed over the decades with a dedicated move away from HVAC manufacturing to servicing, installation, and repair made over the course of the 21st century; the return to operating in Las Vegas made under the leadership of owner Ken Goodrich has been a major success story for Goettl in the last few years.


Goettl has always been a popular air conditioning brand since the Goettl brothers made their first steps as innovators in the production of the first mechanical HVAC units in the first half of the 20 the century; Adam Goettl was reported to have stated in interviews he and brother Gust had already developed a transformer during their early years in Ohio the brothers used to defrost frozen pipes in their hometown.


The spirit of innovation for Goettl Air Conditioning may no longer include the creation and manufacturing of HVAC units, but the company continues to service, install, and repair units across the states of Arizona and Nevada. The company has always had a presence in both states, but had moved out of the crowded Las Vegas area in the late 20th century to focus on other regions for the business; Ken Goodrich was born and learned his trade in HVAC repair and servicing with his father in Las Vegas and hopes to continue to provide the excellent service Goettl is known for across the city as this historic brand seeks to once again become the top HVAC service provider in the states of Arizona and Nevada.


Some of the Funniest Saturday Night Live Black Comedians


In consideration of some of the funniest African American female comedians, one

is currently on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and that is Leslie Jones. An actress,

and one of the best black women comedians, she is also a writer, she joined the SNL cast in October of 2014 (the oldest person

to do so) and has since become a cornerstone for the show. Most notable sketches

include Dunkin’ Donuts, Jingle Barack and The Christmas Candle.

Not to be forgotten was Jones’ performance in Ghostbusters, Sing and Trainwreck.


The second was on SNL for seven years and that is Maya Rudolph, a famous infp.


But, what’s so incredible about Rudolph is that she is so incredibly talented. She

sings (her mother was Minnie Riperton), she acts and she is hilarious! One of her

most noted characters was a gum-cracking Bronx chick. The banter between Rudolph

and Amy Poehler was incredible.


Other characters of note include Dona Fargo,  a great Jennifer Lopez booty bit, Phylicia Rashad,

Barbara Streisand, Tina Turner, and Oprah Winfrey.

Filmography includes Brides Maids, Life of the Party, Our House, Presidential,

The Devil’s Child and Turbo.

Reputation Management Companies Remove Bad Reviews

Looking for information about online reputation management firms? Do you want to enlist the services of a reputable firm that is renowned for offering top quality solutions related to online reputation management? Maybe you already know that a reliable company that offers outstanding solution to their clients can be of great benefit to your business.

Nowadays people use the Internet and social media to research various businesses and items prior to making a buying decision. As onlinereputationreviews.com states, every organization and entrepreneur must have a quality system for monitoring and handling their online reputation so they could concentrate on running their organization.

You already know the importance of having a favorable reputation. And you are aware that it is possible to eliminate bad web content and negative reviews from numerous online sources. Just what you may not know, however, is that not all online reputation management companies provide the same quality of service. When handling a credibility issue, it is crucial that you hire a well recognized reputation management company.

Some online reputation management and monitoring strategies you could do by yourself, there are some that require a teamwork, but despite your scenario, there are steps you could take right now to start building or maintaining an impressive image about your company.

The primary step to ensuring that your reputation issue is resolved appropriately is to get in touch with a reliable team of experts. These professionals have been working in reputation monitoring and management field for years and have access to the most effective resources and connections.

A reliable company with a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals will provide you with top notch services. Such a team is recommended because numerous companies keep utilizing their solutions as a result of the top notch reputation management services they provide.

To get started, research available companies and check out the various reputation management plans they offer, then contact their experienced representatives to arrange a consultation.

Make sure you check out the website of any company you are considering and learn more about them before signing up for their service.

What You Never Knew About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking company that is committed to leadership, excellence, integrity, and service in offering services in a corporate financial advisory to both public and private businesses. Madison Street Capital understandings that there is time sensitivity when it comes to corporate finance. It responds to opportunities quickly and tenaciously. The firm focuses on forming corporate finance transactions in which there is a mutual benefit between business owners and investors at http://www.bbb.org/chicago/business-reviews/investment-advisory-service/madison-street-capital-llc-in-chicago-il-88132797/. The investment banking firm had the required relationships, experience, and understanding to match buyers and sellers. They also know how to match the correct financing structure and capitalization to suit the unique needs of customers.

Madison Street Capital uses a strategy that reflects significant expertise and experience in every field of corporate finance including marketing pricing, due diligence, mergers, acquisitions, valuation, deal structuring, specialized financings together with design, and implementation of other exit methods. Madison Street Capital has helped its customers in various industries on Manta in achieving their goals at the right time for the many years it has been in operation. The ability of the firm to understand all fields of corporate finance and corporate governance has made it become the top provider of financial advisory services. Madison Street Capital also provides valuations and M&A. Madison Street Capital is a renowned international investment banking firm. The company puts equal emphasis on local business relationships and networks.

The main aim of Madison Street Capital is to create great businesses in communities in the whole of US. It works hard to make a change in local and global communities through its commitment to the needs of its clients on YouTube. Madison Street Capital is also involved in charitable organizations like the United Way. This is an organization that is based in Alexandria that mobilizes and improves communities by utilizing robust public engagement capacity, national network, and committed partners.

The team that works at Madison Street Capital is highly skilled with extensive knowledge and can handle clients well. The company has built a reputation of execution and excellence in the investment banking industry on Facebook. It is one of the premier middle market investment banking firms in the world. Madison Street Capital has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. The headquarters of the company is in Chicago, Illinois. Madison Street Capital is the firm to go to if you wish to sell your businesses or if you are a business owner seeking acquisitions. Those who have previously requested services from the company have reported good reviews and recommended others to the enterprise. Madison Street Capital is the place to be for individuals and business entities that wish to create a sound strategy for exit or general matters regarding corporate finance.

Jason Hope, The Futurist From Arizona, Gives His Take On IoT

Jason Hope is a futurist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, whose passion for technology is unmatched. The graduate from Arizona State University shares some of his opinions regarding the Internet of Things (IoT), justifying that IoT still has more in store.

While some people argue that technology is at its peak, and that all that is left is for it to die slowly, Hope disagrees with this. In fact, he believes that if those developing the technology can do so logically, then IoT will definitely live to is hype. Below are a few of the thing to expect:

People will adjust to a healthier lifestyle. Well, people don’t see how smart appliances will improve their health. But thinking of this from a different perspective, the one can see how healthier IoT will make people. Take for example, fitness trackers. Those who wears them will be able to make clear-cut choices concerning active living. This way, they will adjust accordingly. Furthermore, medical care will be improved, as IoT gives doctors easy and direct access to information pertaining their patients. IoT also reduces the trips one makes to the doctor, by allowing the doctor to remotely monitor the patient’s vitals.

Business will definitely improve. Hope gives an example of freezers in grocery stores. Temperatures in the freezer change whenever one opens the door too many times, or changes the size of stock in it. With IoT, the freezer temperature could be kept constant. In fact, this technology is already been implemented in some chain of stores. Apart from this, IoT can also improve the manufacturing industry. This is possible by allowing machines to communicate. Communications of machines will go a long way in improving the quality of a product without the need to increase the workforce.

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Cities are already being changed by the Internet of things. Looking at areas such as traffic monitoring, public safety, and resource management, it is evident that IoT has improved these sectors. There is, however, still room for improvement. For instance, connections and sensors can be used to improve these services. Public transportation has also been predicted to improve drastically through the intervention of the Internet of Things.

Looking at all these instances, it is certain that IoT can still live up to its hype. This disregards the opinion of those who think that it is on its hype cycle. All it needs Is the right development.

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Find Out More on Handy Cleaning Company

There are many advantages that one can experience when they decide to live in a clean attractive home. One of them is that your home will always be free of dust and dirt and hence all your property will be in the right shape. In case you are too busy to do the cleaning or any kind of household chores, Handy Cleaning Company will be in a position to help you out. By hiring the right qualified experts to work for them, Handy will ensure you receive maximum services. They offer services such as plumbing, handyman, delivery, electrician as well as cleaning. Check out https://www.handy.com/services for full list.

This company was founded in the year 2012 to help clients who are not in a position to do some of these tasks. They have been working hard to ensure clients are satisfied and in this way, they have been able to increase their weekly running rate. Handy.com has also come up with a new method of booking any services to help clients who are not able to travel to the company. Using their new app, clients are able to book services from wherever they are without traveling or struggling. This has helped them increase the number of clients every day since all you have to provide is your location, type of services you need, the time and the date.


The expert will be able to come to you and offer you the services you need at the exact time and date you set up. It I therefore important to ensure you are available on that specific day so you can direct the expert on where to clean. The clients are all ensured, trained and well-skilled to ensure they provide you with quality services. Handy will also be willing to replace any item that was damaged during that session and also refund you in case you received poor services.


Making Better Betting Decisions with Covers.com

NFL betting is something that has become a very big online. I know I have made quite a bit of money with all of the online bets that I have placed using Covers. This is a betting website that lets you place bets on an assortment of different types of games, but I use it primarily for the NFL games. I love this site because it gives me information about the NFL odds. I don’t have to worry about trying to figure who has the best record. I don’t have to watch a bunch of footage on ESPN to get the NFL odds. I can just log in to this website and get all of the information that I need.

I have tried different websites in the past, but I have had the best luck with Covers. It is the most informative website. I know that there are a lot of people playing office pools, but I think that Covers is even better. There are some expert picks on the site that give you a lot of insight on the best match up games. I like football, but I don’t watch the whole season. Most of the time I save my bets for the playoff games. This is where I get the chance to see some of the best games. I also bet big when it is time for the Superbowl. This is a really good website for the NFL odds when it comes to the Superbowl.

I believe that this website works as well as it does because it gives you every possible piece of information that could change the course of the game. I have access to a list of the injured players. I have information on the defensive stats of the teams. When you know about things like the match up history and the stats there will be a much better chance for winning.

I have placed some good bets over the years, and I have been able to make a considerable amount of money with this. I didn’t always believe that I could make a lot of money placing bets on games. It seemed like such a risky thing to do. With the information that is available on Covers I feel like I am more informed. I have a much better chance to winning when I have access to these statistics listed on Covers.