How Rocketship Education Restores Hope Through Education

Good quality education has been key in transforming the society in various parts of the world. Education plays a significant role in changing the way people of a particular society behave. More importantly, good quality education is a key to unseen dreams and opportunities around the globe.

San Joes is one of the areas that have experienced the transformative power of education. In San Joes, children from low-income families are able to access education through the courtesy of Rocketship education. Rocketship, which is a non-profit union of about 25 public charter schools, has been at the forefront in ensuring that the children from low-income families are able to attend reach college level.

At Rocketship, parents are involved in the whole process of hiring teachers something that has made Rocketship a center for excellence. Traditionally parents never their take time to investigate the type of teachers that will teach their kids. Most parents tend to be concerned more about whether their kids will get a place in the new school. However, Rocketship gives parents new roles and responsibilities. Parents participate in the whole process of hiring teachers. They interview the teachers so as to have a hint of the kind of personality that will be taking care of their children on a daily basis.

The good thing about parents taking part in interviewing and hiring teachers is that the school stands a chance of offering quality services to the students. Parents understand their kids, and they know the kind of person that their kids will enjoy spending time with.

When parents collaborate with the educators in strengthening the education system, children benefit greatly. Children will be operating in an environment that is full of support at home and at school. Parents will be in good position to provide the necessary support to the system to school, which motivates the teachers to deliver.

Rocketship education has been using this strategy in generating pathways out of poverty for children from low- income families. Rocketship today serves as a center where hope is restored for kids that do not afford a good quality education from a private institution.


The Reasons Why More People Don’t Try to Become Entrepreneurs Like Vijay Eswaran

Many people respect entrepreneurs and even dream of one day becoming one of the successful entrepreneurs that they see in magazines. However, many people let that become a pipe dream for them. While tons of people dream about owning a business and being totally independent, very few actually manage to do this.

There are many reasons that they don’t step out there and try to build something for themselves. One of them is that they are intimidated by the whole idea. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

Often times, people do believe that it is very complicated. While it is more complicated and harder than being an employee, the one thing to consider is that people get more freedom as entrepreneurs.

One major reason that many people don’t step out to be entrepreneurs is that it doesn’t cross their minds. Often times, a lot of employees don’t think about the life of an entrepreneur. Instead, they believe that the way to financial independence is by working a regular job and saving up money.

This is one thing that has happened with Vijay Eswaran. However, the limited income that comes with a regular job is often not enough to cover emergencies. With the rewards that come from owning a business or earning an income independently of a regular job, people would turn away from their regular job in the office.

Now that Vijay Eswaran has seen the benefits of being a successful entrepreneur, he is hoping to shed light on the benefits for others to see.

He is willing to help people learn about marketing and the other aspects of success so that they will be able to handle all of the aspects of business as needed. The truth is that being an entrepreneur is one of the best things that anyone can do for themselves as they build their income.

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Todd Lubar, an experienced expert in real estate

Those who thought Baltimore was going down just because its population is decreasing should think again. Known as the Charm City, it no doubt carries charm enough to enchant young professional to pitch their tents there. This influx of the young population into the city has raised the demand for apartment flats. Owing to the recent developments where residence providers upgraded older buildings to provide living residence options, this need has not only been partially fulfilled but proven to exist in the market. Further, the administration of the city seems to have turned the attention on providing and enlarging public transport which will make it more convenient for workers who commute in and out of town on a daily basis.

In a bid to provide incentives to those companies which would want to relocate to Baltimore, the City has been putting efforts to improve the business environment. Consequently, the town has gained a reputation for being friendly to new businesses, which has further served to attract more entrepreneurs. Baltimore is a city of choice for those in search of affordable residence because the cost of living in the city is not expected to go up shortly.

Having been involved in real estate market in Maryland for over twenty years, Todd Lubar is the best placed to offer professional help to clients whichever side of real estate market they are on. Not only has Todd been trained in credit and finance, but he is also the current president of TDL Global Ventures, a company he aims at shooting to higher levels of competence in the market.

Being also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments, Mr. Todd Lubar has served in various other positions in Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Legacy financial Group among others.

Todd gets credited with developing the Maryland Legacy Financial office to loan volumes of several hundred million dollars annually regarding the loans disbursed. In further pursuit of his passion for helping those in need of growing financially, Mr. Lubar, who is a graduate of Syracuse University, moved on to become the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding. Follow him on Facebook

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EOS Offers Vegan Crystal Lip Balm

Evolution Of Smooth’s newest product is a lip balm named Crystal Lip Balm. This latest lip balm comes in EOS’ trademark round shape but the balm itself is vegan and clear. It’s totally free of animal byproducts.

“I’m sick of this beeswax”

The official EOS website reports that there was only one ingredient that kept their all-natural lip balms from being officially vegan. It was beeswax.

EOS has removed the beeswax from this new balm. These Crystal Lip Balms are priced at $5.49 each and have been on the market for only two months, available here on They sold out in less than one day on the official EOS website.


New Ingredients

The new lip balms are currently available in two flavors: hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid. “Teen Vogue” magazine reported that the balms are made with coconut, avocado, a unique “see-through” shea butter and various natural oils. If Twitter is any judge, the new vegan balm is a hit.

Another contributing factor to the EOS product line’s success is celebrity endorsements. Famous women such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have long been using EOS lip balms to keep their lips safe from the bright lights of showbiz. EOS lip balms are natural, safe for all skin types and hypoallergenic.

They are currently available in a number of different flavors such as Cherry, Coconut Milk, Lemon Drop, Watermelon, Tangerine, Mint Milk, Passion Fruit, and more. For some time now, various online sources have reported that thousands of people have been buying Evolution Of Smooth products over the more established competitor Chapstick. EOS is striving to be a leader in the business.

EOS lip balms are currently available for purchase in the HBA (health and beauty aids) department of numerous retail locations or go directly from the Evolution Of Smooth website,

The effectiveness of EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm is a highly flavored and natural lip balm that is made from native plants like jojoba oil, Shea butter and much more. EOS lip balm is also highly recommended because it is tested by the dermatologist and it is free from petroleum which makes it soft and smooth for application. EOS Company not only produces lip balm but also has other beauty products. They include hand and body lotions and even shaving creams. The EOS lip balm company also supplies its products to many retail outlets which include, Walmart, perfumania and much more. These retail shops help in the selling and of those products to the intended clients.

EOS Lip Balm is designed into various shapes and colors that could help customers choose from the wide varieties, see info here. The lip balm products are also well packaged for the retailers to choose from as well the customers. The lip balm primary purpose is to moisturize and maintain lip comfort by ensuring that there is no lip dryness leading to small cracks of the lips. The lip balm also functions as a sunscreen to prevent dry air and cold temperatures.

EOS lip balm can be applied on the lips by the use of fingers or the inbuilt tubes. This is much easier for customers to use. The EOS Company made packaging of the lip balm exceptional by ensuring first that its primary target is the ladies. EOS lip balms are formed in a way that they are round in nature, easy to use, mostly carried by ladies in their handbags and ensuring that there are two lippies in one swipe. Hit on



It was endowed on 1st of March, 2015 as a political action committee which was funded by grassroots donors. It is dedicated to showing the press and all elections persons including candidates, officials and voters its willingness to fight back the force that is against the Billionaires audaciousness who try to buy elections. This is a set up to pressure lawmakers to act.

What is their mission?

To stop corruption in politics which leads to rigging, by glancing state measures of the ballot and electing vanquishers to deal with issues affecting campaign finance. They will strive to make that happen by; making money issue in politics a national priority, making sure perform laws are passed in the states and demonstrating political power on money issues in politics.

Their finances

The political action committee is majorly funded by the grassroots activists. The grassroots are investors focused to reclaim the United States Democracy thus the End Citizens United is always transparent and open. They believe in transparency’s power while spending in politics hence practicing what they preach.

The endorsed candidates

End Citizens United has endorsed several candidates. One of the candidates is KyrstenSinema, for U.S Senate. She is devoted to bringing transparency as per the committee’s mission. They also endorsed Claire McCaskill, to be re-elected in Missouri as she fought for transparency and accountability. The organization has also endorsed Andy Kim. He was endorsed for Congress on 28th of September 2017 in New Jersey’s 3rd district. Dean Phillips is also part of their endorsements in Minnesota’s 3rd district. End Citizens United also endorsed Jason Crow for Congress in the 6th District of Colorado. Crow gave his word of honor not to accept Political Action Committees money thus making political money-getting, a key colonnade of his campaign. Doug Jones is also a part of their endorsements to fight against Roy Moore, a hate-brimming zealot. Those are amongst many other endorsed candidates.

Hopes for next elections

The organization believes strongly that they will raise $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. They also have build ties with campaign finance groups and work together to come up with common goals. The committee is looking forward to the future while thinking seriously about predisposed candidates in the 2018 upcoming races; the Democratic Senators Sherrod Brown of Ohio and John Tester of Montana.

Presence on social media

The Social Media has brought into existence combustion of both freedom of the press and free access to many millions of members of the Republic of voting. It has also freed the first enhancement that can be used by everyone. Most essentially, it makes everyone accessible to everyone else without any cost. They have also used these platforms to notify the masses on their agendas.


Dr. Cameron Clokie is Changing the Field of Regenerative Medicine in Canada

Traveling is always a great experience for everyone. However, before starting your journey, it is paramount to prepare yourself so that you have a peaceful journey. A trip can turn out to be disastrous when an individual has not taken time to prepare themselves well. Many people prepare themselves, but they forget about their oral hygiene.

According to one of the most respected individuals in regenerative medicine, Cameron Clokie taking care of your dental hygiene when you are traveling is paramount. Before taking off, Clokie says that travelers should take some time and understand they must consider their dental care. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

First of all, the experienced medical professional states that the individual must check to ensure that they have packed all the necessary tooth care essentials. Some of these include toothpaste, bottled water, toothbrush, floss, toothpicks, sugar-free gums and any other equipment that helps to keep your teeth clean and leaves them fresh. Read more: Toronto Dentist Cameron Clokie Talks Up New Technology Available to Oral Surgeons

When traveling, it is common to find bacteria in your luggage, and this means that your toothbrush should be kept safely. Before you decide to pack your toothbrush, you must make sure that it is dry. It is advisable for travelers to ensure that they make an additional set so that they do not get stressed when one pair gets lost. Having some extra water is an added advantage, according to Cameron Clokie.

Cameron Clokie has become very popular in the recent times. People know him as a reputable surgeon, entrepreneur, scientist and author. In the course of his career, Clokie has changed the lives of many people, mainly through his regenerative medicine. Individuals who were living in pain can now enjoy life after getting treatment from the respected surgeon.The businessman abandoned dentistry early this year so that he could focus on other activities.

Before choosing to retire from clinical medicine, Cameron had served in several companies in Canada and other parts of the world. The surgeon has also done his best to ensure that his patients get the reconstructive surgery they need so that they can live a normal life just like other people in the society.

Putting An End To Citizens United

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (more commonly referred to as just “Citizens United”) was a supreme court case in 2010. In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court significantly loosened the rules of campaign finance and effectively gave corporations the same first amendment rights to free speech as individuals when it comes to politics. The effect of the Citizens United decision is that corporations can now legally spend virtually unlimited amounts of money to support a bill or candidate that matches up with their interests. The decision was seen as a “right wing” decision, championed by Republicans and special interest groups.

This controversial decision has been a topic of hot debate for almost a decade, but the recent revelations about Russian interference in the United States’ 2016 elections has breathed new life into the arguments against Citizens United.

The ability for a foreign company or a foreign government to easily spend money on political advertising as investigations into the 2016 election have revealed is a serious red flag. It demonstrates how defenseless US elections have become as a result of decisions like Citizens United and the loopholes they’ve created for political spending. As of early 2017 the Federal Election Commission (FEC) had as many as 15 illegal foreign campaign spending cases pending.


Many ideas have been proposed such as the “DISCLOSE Act”, the “By the People” reform package, and the “Get Foreign Money Out of U.S. Elections Act”, but Congress has not taken action. Republicans are now faced with the decision of accepting the status quo to hold on to their big ticket donors, or taking steps to restore the integrity of the American electoral process.

Campaign finance reform is the term that describes changing the rules of how much money can be spent on political speech by individuals and corporations. Organizations like End Citizens United are stepping in to answer the call that US politicians are sidestepping.

End Citizens United or ECU is a political action committee (PAC) funded by grassroots donations that was established in 2015. ECU supports Democratic officials, candidates and legislation that offset the effects of Citizens United and advance campaign finance reform. ECU is working to re-elect campaign finance reform supporters, and unseat Republicans with Democratic challengers who are ready to champion reform and reverse the effects of Citizens United.

End Citizens United offers many options for individual participation. Through their website,, people can join the “ECU Action Network” for opportunities like town hall meetings, petitions, and calls to action for elected officials. Supporters can donate on the site, and follow ECU on Facebook or Twitter to remain informed.

Most importantly, individuals can find and voted for candidates endorsed by the ECU who are committed to implementing campaign finance reform. As of this writing, the ECU have endorsed the following candidates:

Amy Klobuchar (Incumbent)
Angus King (Incumbent)
Beto O’Rourke (Challenger)
Bill Nelson (Incumbent)
Bob Casey (Incumbent)
Claire McCaskill (Incumbent)
Doug Jones (Challenger)
Elizabeth Warren (Incumbent)
Heidi Heitkamp (Incumbent)
Jacky Rosen (Challenger)
Joe Donnelly (Incumbent)
Jon Tester (Incumbent)
Martin Heinrich (Incumbent)
Mazie Hirono (Incumbent)
Sheldon Whitehouse (Incumbent)
Sherrod Brown (Incumbent)
Tammy Baldwin (Incumbent)

Tom O’Halleran (Incumbent, AZ-01)
Ruben Gallego (Incumbent, AZ-07)
Kyrsten Sinema (Incumbent, AZ-09)

Ami Bera (Incumbent, CA-07)
Jerry McNerney (Incumbent, CA-09)
Nancy Pelosi (Incumbent, CA-12)
Barbara Lee (Incumbent, CA-13)
Eric Swalwell (Incumbent, CA-15)
Ro Khanna (Incumbent, CA-17)
Salud Carbajal (Incumbent, CA-24)
Julia Brownley (Incumbent, CA-26)
Pete Aguilar (Incumbent, CA-31)
Norma Torres (Incumbent, CA-35)
Raul Ruiz (Incumbent, CA-36)
Nanette Barragan (Incumbent, CA-44)
Scott Peters (Incumbent, CA-52)

Jason Crow (Challenger, CO-06)

Elizabeth Esty (Incumbent, CT-05)

Al Lawson (Incumbent, FL-05)
Stephanie Murphy (Incumbent, FL-07)
Val Demings (Incumbent, FL-10)
Charlie Crist (Incumbent, FL-13)
Ted Deutch (Incumbent, FL-22)

Colleen Hanabusa (Incumbent, HI-01)

Dave Loebsack (Incumbent, IA-02)

Raja Krishnamoorthi (Incumbent, IL-08)
Jan Schakowsky (Incumbent, IL-09)
Cheri Bustos (Incumbent, IL-17)

Paul Davis (Challenger, KS-02)

John Yarmuth (Incumbent, KY-03)

Jim McGovern (Incumbent, MA-02)
Katherine Clark (Incumbent, MA-05)

Anthony Brown (Incumbent, MD-04)
Steny Hoyer (Incumbent, MD-05)
John Sarbanes (Incumbent, MD-06)
Elijah Cummings (Incumbent, MD-07)
Jamie Raskin (Incumbent, MD-08)

Dan Kildee (Incumbent, MI-05)

Dean Phillips (Challenger, MN-03)
Rick Nolan (Incumbent, MN-08)

Carol Shea-Porter (Incumbent, NH-01)
Ann McLane Kuster (Incumbent, NH-02)

Donald Norcross (Incumbent, NJ-01)
Andy Kim (Challenger, NJ-03)
Josh Gottheimer (Incumbent, NJ-05)

Ben Ray Luján (Incumbent, NM-03)

Ruben Kihuen (Incumbent, NV-04)

Tom Suozzi (Incumbent, NY-03)
Grace Meng (Incumbent, NY-06)
Hakeem Jeffries (Incumbent, NY-08)
Adriano Espaillat (Incumbent, NY-13)
Joseph Crowley (Incumbent, NY-14)
Sean Patrick Maloney (Incumbent, NY-18)
Paul Tonko (Incumbent, NY-20)
Anthony Brindisi (Challenger, NY-22)
Louise Slaughter (Incumbent, NY-25)

Peter DeFazio (Incumbent, OR-04)

Chrissy Houlahan (Challenger, PA-06)
Brendan Boyle (Incumbent, PA-13)
Matt Cartwright (Incumbent, PA-17)

David Cicilline (Incumbent, RI-01)

Vicente Gonzalez (Incumbent, TX-15)
Joaquin Castro (Incumbent, TX-20)

Donald McEachin (Incumbent, VA-04)

Peter Welch (Incumbent, VT-AL)

Rick Larsen (Incumbent, WA-02)
Derek Kilmer (Incumbent, WA-06)
Pramila Jayapal (Incumbent, WA-07)

Randy Bryce (Challenger, WI-01)
Mark Pocan (Incumbent, WI-02)

Avaaz Is Here For the World

Avaaz means song or voice in Farsi, Hindi and other languages. Avaaz is an organization comprised of Global Citizens that are taking action on major issues around the world that affect all of the global citizens of the world. They have members on every country on this Earth and are operating in over 12 languages. Their main goal is to make sure that the views and morals and values of the majority of the world’s population are heard and learn more about Avaaz.

Avaaz is a Civic organization that is based in the United States. It was created in January of 2007 in order to promote activism for Global issues. Some of the many issues that its tackles is animal rights, human rights, climate change, poverty, corruption, racism, conflict etc.

Avaaz was co-founded by the group Res Publica which is a community of professionals from the public sector that strive to promote civic virtue as well as promote deliberative democracy as well as which is a non-profit American public policy advocacy group. Service employees International Union support Avaaz as a founding partner as well.

Ricken Patel is the executive director of Avaaz as well as the founding president. He was educated at Oxford University and also received a masters in public policy from Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts. He has experience working for activist groups around the world. He has worked with the international Crisis Group which is located in various countries around the world such as the Sudan, Libya, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan and their Linkedin.

The main goal of Avaaz is to unite practical idealism from all around the world. Their aim is to unite all of the world by an understanding that underneath It all, we are all the same with the same human rights, values and ideals and more information click here.

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Daniel Taub the former Israel Diplomat

During the four years that Mr. Daniel Taub spent as the Israel Ambassador to the U.K, trade between the two states doubled. This was announced by the Israel Embassy so days before the former diplomat resigned. A statement released by the Embassy indicated that not only did the trade doubled but also the cultural, business and academic links deepened significantly.

During the British Israel Business awards held just before Mr. Taub’s resignation, the British secretary of state for Business, Innovation, and skills Sajid Javid noted that trade between Israel and the U.K. had reached a golden era.

When interviewed by the Jewish Chronicle in 2012, Daniel Taub expressed his concern about the atmosphere in some universities and colleges. He advised the administrators to let everyone whether supportive or against Israel to express himself or herself freely without fear and intimidation.

This was long before the largest students’ body in Britain voted to adopt a boycott of Israel.

Daniel Taub visited the City of Bradford in 2014 after the Bradford M.P George Galloway declared the area an Israel free zone. It meant that the city would not welcome goods and services, tourists and also academics from Israel. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Galloway had referred Israel to as a barbarous, illegal and savage state. Mr. Galloway was known to be a racist and also anti-Israel. Mr. Daniel Taub’s visit to Bradford was arranged under tight security because and noted that it was an invitation to the people of Bradford.

Daniel Taub time as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom was one of its kind. In his time in the office, the trade deals between Israel and the United Kingdom doubled. This was never witnessed before.

Born in 1962 in Britain, Daniel Taub studied at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, University school in London and University College in Oxford.

In 1989, he moved to Israel where he served a combat medic in the Israel Defense Forces and also a reserve officer in the Israel Defense Forces. He joined the Israel Foreign ministry in 1991 and also served as a speechwriter for President Chaim Herzog.

Daniel played a great role in brokering peace between Israel and Palestine and also was a member of Israel-Syria negotiation team. He was appointed as the Israel Ambassador to the U.K. between 2011 and 2015.He is currently the Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Israel.

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Daniel Taub | Wikipedia
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