How Rocketship Education Restores Hope Through Education

Good quality education has been key in transforming the society in various parts of the world. Education plays a significant role in changing the way people of a particular society behave. More importantly, good quality education is a key to unseen dreams and opportunities around the globe.

San Joes is one of the areas that have experienced the transformative power of education. In San Joes, children from low-income families are able to access education through the courtesy of Rocketship education. Rocketship, which is a non-profit union of about 25 public charter schools, has been at the forefront in ensuring that the children from low-income families are able to attend reach college level.

At Rocketship, parents are involved in the whole process of hiring teachers something that has made Rocketship a center for excellence. Traditionally parents never their take time to investigate the type of teachers that will teach their kids. Most parents tend to be concerned more about whether their kids will get a place in the new school. However, Rocketship gives parents new roles and responsibilities. Parents participate in the whole process of hiring teachers. They interview the teachers so as to have a hint of the kind of personality that will be taking care of their children on a daily basis.

The good thing about parents taking part in interviewing and hiring teachers is that the school stands a chance of offering quality services to the students. Parents understand their kids, and they know the kind of person that their kids will enjoy spending time with.

When parents collaborate with the educators in strengthening the education system, children benefit greatly. Children will be operating in an environment that is full of support at home and at school. Parents will be in good position to provide the necessary support to the system to school, which motivates the teachers to deliver.

Rocketship education has been using this strategy in generating pathways out of poverty for children from low- income families. Rocketship today serves as a center where hope is restored for kids that do not afford a good quality education from a private institution.