Desiree Perez And The Future Of Tidal


Speculation that Samsung is interested in buying Jay’z Tidal music streaming service has named up recently due to reports from several sources claiming that the electronics company is in talks concerning the deal. After partnerships with Jay-Z and his RocNation label to launch albums from him and Roc Nation artist Rihanna, Samsung is no stranger to working with the music mogul. Though the album launches were met with different levels of success it seems that Samsung is still intrigued by Tidal’s potential and motivated to come to a deal to acquire the fledging premium service. Insiders sense that the electronics company is working on something big and having Tidal is a part of it.

Besides Samsung, both Google and Spotify find themselves intrigued by the exclusiveness of the service’s experience – including it’s one of a kind Tidal-only content from today’s music superstars, and its ability to consistently offer users chances to meet with the artists in unforgettable settings – thinking that these features could encourage greater interest in their digital music platforms. For this reason Google and Spotify want to partner with Tidal rather than buying it outright. Though the company is still finding it’s way its unique model and association with some of the biggest names in music make it appealing to other companies and give Tidal a reason to be optimistic about its future and its options. Desiree Perez is one woman who will have a lot to do with weighing those options and deciding on what the future of the streaming service will be. Perez is a formidable presence at Tidal, Roc Nation, and Roc Nation Sports who is at the forefront of all deals and negotiations done by any of the companies.

Desiree Perez acts as advisor, accountant and negotiator for Tidal as well as Roc Nation and Roc Nation sports. Her business savvy and ability to process numbers accurately and efficiently are spoken highly of by her colleagues and industry insiders, but its her negotiation skills that people find mot impressive and fascinating. Her dealings with Tidal have been credited with the company’s resurgence in popularity in recent months and Perez is also credited with making Beyonce’s Formation Stadium Tour and Rihanna’s deal with Samsung to act as spokesperson for their new smartphone. .