Norka Luque- A New Artist Ready To Spread Positivity

One thing that the world is missing is positivity. With all the headlines of today focusing on negative things, it’s good to find a breath of fresh air like Norka Martinez Luque. Luque has made it a goal to provide a message of hope through her music. That’s just what she did with her latest release.

Luque fell in love with music at an early age. She began taking piano lessons, ballet and flamenco lessons, along with voice lessons when she was a child. Not that music was her only passion. She also was a great student and eventually received degrees in Business Administration, Marketing, Fashion and in the Culinary Arts. Although studies were important to her, music was her calling. While studying in France, she found a band.

The next step of her career came when renowned producer Emilio Estafan Jr. saw her talent. He quickly teamed up with Archie Pena, Luigi Giraldo and Hermanos Gaitan to create the song entitled Milagro, or Miracle. The song has been a huge hit throughout the world, including Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the United States. A sign of how compelling and accepted the song is can be seen with its inclusion on the Latin Music Billboards. It successfully integrates sounds of the Caribbean along with sounds of the Mediterranean and a hint of reggae to form a beautiful message.

Luque told the press that as an artist, she believes that she has a responsibility to bring positive messages to her fans. She understands the power music has to reach people on the most emotional levels. It can make them laugh.

She also is focused on bringing hope to a world that is suffering. With all the disasters going on around the world, Norka Luque is hoping that her song is able to pull people out of their depression and give them a reason to keep living to the fullest. As she stated, she values her own life and wants others to do the same.

Luque is still working with Estefan to create more music. Thankfully, they have a beautiful vision as she embarks on her music career. She already has a plan for the future of music and it includes maintaining her hopeful and positive focus on life, love and the world in general.

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