Karl Heideck On How To Become A Superstar Litigation Lawyer

Karl Heideck, ESQ.
Karl Heideck, ESQ.

Many high school students dream about becoming litigation lawyers. A top litigation attorney in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck, explains that a litigator’s work involves representing clients in criminal, real estate, personal injury, and civil cases. As a litigation attorney, your first duty is preparing your client for the court trial, but also remember that about 90 per cent of cases get solved outside the court.

Your Career as a Litigation Attorney

The day-to-day work of a litigation lawyer revolves around arguing on behalf of the clients or preparing documents to present before the court. In criminal cases, the defense counsel may guide the client on how to take a plea. Should the lawsuit involve real estate, a personal injury, or civil dispute, your lawyer will try an out of court settlement first. The plaintiff and the defendant can proceed to the court after failure to agree.

Civil litigation lawyers work in the private practice or the government sector. In the public service, a litigation lawyer usually works as prosecutors or district attorneys. Civil litigators are found in the U.S. attorney’s offices, financial institutions, insurance firms, and municipalities.

The Duties of Litigation Attorneys

Litigation advocates will start by investigating the details of the cases either by looking for personal documents, medical records, or interviewing witnesses. After gathering the evidence, your attorney will contact the counterpart of the defendant for an out of court settlement. If the defendant is disagreeable, your lawyer can file a dispute in court often by presenting drafts and the case summary.

Karl Heideck Helping you to Understand Litigation Law

Karl Heideck, a Philadelphia attorney who deals in risk management, compliance services, and also an author of a legal blog, is keen on helping people understand the complexities of litigation. Heideck holds a 2009 law degree from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple and a 2013 undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College.

Apart from private practice in several Philadelphia law firms for more than 10 years, Karl Heideck was also practicing project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP. As a Conrad O’Brien associate, Heideck has all that is needed to help both individuals and companies in Jenkintown, PA, with all types of litigation.