Arizona And Nevada Remain Key For Goettl Air Conditioning

In 1936, when Adam and Gust Goettl left their home in Ohio for Arizona it could hardly have been imagined that over 80 years later their Goettl Brothers Air Conditioning brand would still be one of the major service providers in their new region of Arizona and Nevada. The range of services and options offered by the Goettl brand may have changed over the decades with a dedicated move away from HVAC manufacturing to servicing, installation, and repair made over the course of the 21st century; the return to operating in Las Vegas made under the leadership of owner Ken Goodrich has been a major success story for Goettl in the last few years.


Goettl has always been a popular air conditioning brand since the Goettl brothers made their first steps as innovators in the production of the first mechanical HVAC units in the first half of the 20 the century; Adam Goettl was reported to have stated in interviews he and brother Gust had already developed a transformer during their early years in Ohio the brothers used to defrost frozen pipes in their hometown.


The spirit of innovation for Goettl Air Conditioning may no longer include the creation and manufacturing of HVAC units, but the company continues to service, install, and repair units across the states of Arizona and Nevada. The company has always had a presence in both states, but had moved out of the crowded Las Vegas area in the late 20th century to focus on other regions for the business; Ken Goodrich was born and learned his trade in HVAC repair and servicing with his father in Las Vegas and hopes to continue to provide the excellent service Goettl is known for across the city as this historic brand seeks to once again become the top HVAC service provider in the states of Arizona and Nevada.