Fabletics and The Handling of Trends

Fashion is one of the most beautiful topics to observe. One thing that is worth looking at is the trends that are coming. One thing that is often seen with trends is that people have two extremes of ideas when it comes to trends. One of these extremes is that trends is one of the best ways to be stylish. Then there is another extreme where people believe that trends are the worst thing to happen to people. The best way to view trends is to be balanced. After all, there are some trends that come along that are actually good in a multitude of ways. As a matter of fact, a lot of what is considered classical styles were once trends.


There is keeping on top of trends, and then there is influencing the trends. Fabletics is one of the brands in the TechStyle fashion group that is hoping to influence the trends. One of the ways that they are doing this is by paying attention to what the customers are saying. While they are aware that they can’t please everyone, they are hoping to bring enough attention to the designs that are coming forth from the company so that more people will be trying out these styles.


Fabletics is not only influencing the trends in fashion, but also the trends in business. Society is going through a lot of changes and people are hoping for a different approach to business. Also, entrepreneurs and business owners are experimenting with different approaches to business. The old marketing approach is being either accompanied or replaced by a more involved method which includes actually engaging with customers and answering questions. Fabletics does have its own in house marketing team as opposed to service from an advertising company. This gives them room to customize their marketing campaign.


Fabletics is about custom style and custom fashion for people of different walks of life. It is not just dressing well that will make people feel good about themselves. For some people, they have to put together something that is very custom to them. When people feel good about themselves, they can more easily take a compliment from others. Fabletics gives people room to experiment and find something that they believe looks good to them. Fabletics is one of the signs of a bright future in the industry of fashion and beauty. This future includes everyone.

Fabletics Uses Reverse Showroom in marketing their fashion Clothing Line

Branding is a fundamental element in acquiring competitive advantage in the market. This is because most markets have globalized economies marked with stiff competition. Well to do brands normally have huge market shares. The key selling point of these brands branding. In the industry of fashion, clients prefer to purchase what they can identify with. Most of the time, these are established and well to do brands. It, therefore, means that a new brand in the fashion industry must explore successful strategies to acquire a competitive market niche. The aim of gaining market in this scenario is not to compete with the already existing brands but to earn a new base of clients. This is what Fabletics has done since its establishment. Under the guidance of Kate Hudson, Fabletics employs modern technology to acquire a competitive market niche.


Technology Use


Kate Hudson established the multimillion dollar company in 2013. Its blue ocean launching pad has been a diversified portfolio of strategies that clients prefer to invest in. The evolution of information and technology has revolutionized many industries in fashion. From design to marketing and research, Fabletics employs technology to reach out to a significant client base. The company has a different and exciting ways of embracing technology. Fabletics has incorporated reverse showrooms and physical retail stores in addition to online shopping and high-quality products at affordable prices. The reverse showroom has been a winning story for the company with Amazon being the leading controller of online market shares.


Reverse Showroom


The reverse showroom mechanism is based on stocking the physical stores with the mostly browsed brands by consumers. Depending on the tally, the management selects the brands worth storing. In this strategy, it is evident that Fabletics is successful because before producing a brand and storing it in the physical showroom, there is research conducted on the purchasing power of clients. The management is committed to providing only, what customers demand. This has been the winning strategy for Fabletics since its establishment. Recently, the company added an online platform for online purchasing.


Growing Business


For Kate Hudson, co-founding Fabletics has been a success story. In just fourteen years, the brand has gained a huge clients base thanks to Kate’s wisdom in business and technology. Kate adopted an e-commerce model for customers to subscribe to the business online. Combined with passion and charisma, Kate is impressed by what Fabletics has become. To Kate, a prospective business professional should focus on identifying marketing opportunities before establishing the business. This is a leading strategy in business.

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Christopher Burch’s Take On The Relationship Between Fashion And Technology

Christopher Burch believes that technology and fashion are intrinsically linked together. He believes that fashion is sort of a promoter of new technology. Burch states that as new technology comes out, it may not be fashionable or cool at first. The fashion industry and trends can remedy this.

Chris gives an example of the boombox. When it first came out, people were fascinated by it, but it was not hip or trendy. With the promotion from movies and TV shows, the boombox slowly became accepted and part of the norm. Over time it became fashionable and cool to rock a boombox at the beach. In this way, fashion helped new technology get broader use and acceptance among the general population.

Mr. Burch believes that fashion plays a very important role in making technologies more acceptable and more widely used by people. Technology can alter our lives for the better and provide us with lots of new and exciting features that we can use. However, without fashion promoting new technology, the new technology would never have an impact on the people and change our lives for the better.

Christopher Burch also points out that technology is even impacting fashion. There are plans underway to create shoes that could charge electronic devices while you are walking or jogging. Some designers are using recycled materials such as bicycle inner tubes and radiator copper to create shirts, jackets and even gowns. Technology is also making gear more safe. For example a motorcycle accessory worn around the neck can pop open like an airbag to prevent injury and death during an accident. There is even a self painting dress, which uses inks that are pumped through a material to change the color of the dress. It is known as a pseudomorph dress.

About Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur and investor. He founded his first business while he was an undergraduate student at Ithaca College in New York State. Called Eagle Eye Apparel, it grew to a business worth over $165 million dollars before it was sold to an investment group.

Chris has been investing in many companies across a wide spectrum of industries since then. He has helped create Poppin, an office supply store. It provides all the essentials of an office from furniture to basic materials such as pens and paperclips. Christopher Burch has entered the health and beauty industry investing in companies such as Blink Health, Little Duck Organics and BaubleBar. Mr. Burch also helped launch the Nihiwatu luxury hotel resort in Indonesia after renovating it. Chris also has his own investment group called Burch Creative Capital.

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