Brown Modeling Agency and Austin, Texas Professionals

The Brown Agency is the name of a full-service firm that specializes in talent and modeling in general. It’s headquartered in Austin, Texas and used to be called “Wilhelmina Austin.” The agency has helped its talents land promising and exciting assignments with some of the planet’s most prominent and beloved brand names. People who have been represented by the Brown Agency have worked with global powerhouses including the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton, the cosmetics brand L’Oréal and even Japanese vehicle manufacturer Toyota. Those are merely a handful of examples, too. The Brown Agency has helped models make appearances at all kinds of hyped events. They’ve showed up on the runways of significant events like Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and, perhaps most impressively, New York Fashion Week. Justin Brown is the head honcho who works for the Brown Agency. This company concentrates on scouting top-quality talent located in all parts of the vast Central Texas region.


This agency is one that’s perpetually on the lookout for new people to represent and help. It hosts open calls on a weekly basis. Aspiring talents can head to open calls between 3:00pm and 4:00pm on Thursdays. The Brown Agency caters to individuals who work in all different parts of entertainment. It accommodates people who want employment in conventions, industrial video clips, television, movies, commercials, print advertisements, trade shows and catalogues. People who are looking for assistance in getting jobs that span both corporate and promotional event categories routinely strive to work with the Brown Agency.


The Brown Agency has a large roster. It’s constantly updating its roster as well. It represents men and women alike. These professionals are part of the theater, commercial and fashion worlds. Some of the theater actors and actresses who are part of the Brown Agency are Scott Davis, Mary Jane Windle, Sandra Woerner, Nikki Zook and Adam Madrigal. The firm’s commercial division is made up of professionals like Arielle de Fuente, Selene Martinez, Carmara Burns, Talaya Ann Frazier, Jeffrey Dena and Rachel Bookout. Its fashion sector, last but definitely not least, consists of hard workers like Amanda Wells, Lauren Hayes, Suzie Ford, Carter Wray and John Pepper.


This is a company that’s widely known all throughout the expansive Austin area. People who have ambitions that involve modeling, acting or anything else along those lines often hear about the Brown Agency and all of the things that it does. People can find out a lot more about this company by turning to the Internet. The Brown Agency has an official website that’s clear and simple to navigate. It has accounts on a number of social media platforms, too. People can reach the Brown Agency via Instagram.


Fabletics and The Handling of Trends

Fashion is one of the most beautiful topics to observe. One thing that is worth looking at is the trends that are coming. One thing that is often seen with trends is that people have two extremes of ideas when it comes to trends. One of these extremes is that trends is one of the best ways to be stylish. Then there is another extreme where people believe that trends are the worst thing to happen to people. The best way to view trends is to be balanced. After all, there are some trends that come along that are actually good in a multitude of ways. As a matter of fact, a lot of what is considered classical styles were once trends.


There is keeping on top of trends, and then there is influencing the trends. Fabletics is one of the brands in the TechStyle fashion group that is hoping to influence the trends. One of the ways that they are doing this is by paying attention to what the customers are saying. While they are aware that they can’t please everyone, they are hoping to bring enough attention to the designs that are coming forth from the company so that more people will be trying out these styles.


Fabletics is not only influencing the trends in fashion, but also the trends in business. Society is going through a lot of changes and people are hoping for a different approach to business. Also, entrepreneurs and business owners are experimenting with different approaches to business. The old marketing approach is being either accompanied or replaced by a more involved method which includes actually engaging with customers and answering questions. Fabletics does have its own in house marketing team as opposed to service from an advertising company. This gives them room to customize their marketing campaign.


Fabletics is about custom style and custom fashion for people of different walks of life. It is not just dressing well that will make people feel good about themselves. For some people, they have to put together something that is very custom to them. When people feel good about themselves, they can more easily take a compliment from others. Fabletics gives people room to experiment and find something that they believe looks good to them. Fabletics is one of the signs of a bright future in the industry of fashion and beauty. This future includes everyone.

4 Best Back-to-School EOS Flavors

Everyone knows you need notebooks and pencils for back to school time, but what about beauty essentials? EOS has you covered! Stock up on the balms below and you’ll be ready for any lip-related emergency.


  1. Active Lip Balm in Lemon Twist

Playing a sport this school year? Shield your lips from the sun’s rays with this balm. Its SPF 15 formula is sweat- and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes to ensure your lips are hydrated, soft, and protected. Plus the sweet and tart lemon flavor will boost your energy for the big game! Purchase here.


  1. Visibly Soft Lip Balm in Honey Apple

Nothing says fall like honey and apples! This sweet EOS lip balm uses cocoa and shea butters to give your pout a burst of long-lasting hydration and softness. If you’re stressing out about the start of the new school year, apply this balm for a quick bit of self-care.


  1. Medicated Lip Balm in Cooling Chamomile

When the weather cools down, dry, chapped lips can really get you down. This medicated balm uses aloe, soothing natural butters, and cooling menthol to heal lips and relieve your pain. Plus the cozy chamomile flavor will remind you of cuddling up with a calming mug of tea, perfect for the stress of finals.


  1. Organic Lip Balm in Sweet Mint

You never know when you might run into your crush in the halls. Swipe on this minty balm for instantly yummy-smelling, supple lips. It’s organic, sustainable, and free of parabens and petroleum, so you can feel good about applying this one multiple times per day! Order your lip balm here on

EOS lip balms are made with premium, natural ingredients to give you all the benefits without the bad-for-you chemicals. Using stuff like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil, these balms smooth and soothe lips so they’re soft and kissable. With tons of fun flavors and formulas, you’re sure to start a collection!


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