Leading Logistics and Facilities Management Company IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading company that specializes in logistics and facilities management. For over two decades, IAP Worldwide has been a trusted partner with the United States government and military. This company provides a number of services that allow the government to quickly and easily establish infrastructure in remote regions of the world. IAP Worldwide provides road development and construction, facilities construction and management, energy systems development, technology support and the management of communications systems. With all of these services, IAP Worldwide Services has been able to help the government meet certain objectives no matter where they are throughout the world.

It was a company that specialized in logistics by transporting various items and supplies to different locations. After a while, IAP Worldwide Services was discovered by the United States military and would help the Army during the Persian Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm. It helped the army by transporting power generators to bases as well as military personnel.

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By the middle of the 2000’s decade, IAP would merge with another large company called Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. With this merger, IAP would then be renamed IAP Worldwide Services. As part of the merger, the company would begin offering more services other than just logistics. It would expand its services to building construction, road development and also provide technical services to its clients. Over the next several years, IAP Worldwide Services would continue to build on its success and get even more contracts with the United States government. It also acquired a British engineering firm recently as well. Now, IAP Worldwide Services has government contracts worth an estimated $370 million.

Like all other companies, IAP Worldwide Services offers a wide variety of jobs that people can take advantage of. These jobs are offered in the fields of technology, logistics and finance. Anyone looking to work at IAP Worldwide Service will be able to pursue employment as an air traffic controller. This position will allow them to keep track of flights coming into and leaving an airport. There are also positions as contracts administrator and information technology administrator. These positions allow individuals to oversee development projects as well as manage the technology sources at various locations. Lastly, there are open positions in finance such as a finance analyst.

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