PR World Awards Finds Its Business Development Individual Of The Year

PR World Awards has recently singled out Darius Fisher for its coveted “Business Development Individual of the Year” award. PR World Awards specializes in finding individuals that have stood out from their colleagues with outstanding performance in marketing, public relations, and other corporate communication fields.

Darius Fisher has made a name for itself by working hard as the leading executive of Status Labs. As the president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher has guided his company through its ups and downs, which has led to a sizeable increase in revenue growth for 2015. In fact, in just three years, Darius Fisher has managed to make Status Labs grow by over 900%.

According to Huffington Post, Fisher’s primary strategy to improve the performance of Status Labs was to expand its digital service offerings and improve communication with their clients at both the micro and macro levels. In order to better facilitate relationships with his clients, Fisher expanded the customer service department at Status Labs and invested considerable time and resources into the sales department. Through these efforts, Status Labs has cultivated a public relations and marketing team that any company would be proud of.

It’s for these reasons, as well as many more, that PR World Awards decided that no one else was as deserving of their award for individual achievement as Darius Fisher. Of course, Fisher hasn’t stopped making improvements to Status Labs since receiving the award. As of right now, he is still working with his teams to improve communication and is continuing to build on the progress that his teams have already made in the past several years.

Given the services that Status Labs offers, it makes sense that Darius Fisher would be so concerned with ensuring that his company keeps up a positive reputation. After all, no one wants their company to have negative press, especially one that specializes in managing it. Luckily, Darius and his team have nothing to worry about, as they have clearly built a reputation for excellence. In fact, this isn’t even the first time that Darius Fisher has received an award from PR World Awards. Just last year, Fisher and the team at Status Labs received an award for outstanding innovation.

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