One Small Step For Whitney Wolfe; One Giant Leap For Women

Whitney Wolfe describes her humble beginnings in Austin Woman’s Day and Nightas a “child’s dream” when she described her rural beginnings in Utah. Wolfe later on was moved to Paris, France and then back to Utah for the remainder of her youth.

Wolfe was never stinted by her rural upbringing however, and went onto launching a business in college that created bamboo bags that funded the BP oil spill clean-up efforts. This bag business boomed and was quickly supported by celebrities including Denise Richards and Kate Bosworth. Whitney Wolfe always wanted to impact the world positively and continues her impact today.

Wolfe has since positively impacted the world by changing up the online dating scene by introducing Bumble, an app that requires women to make the first move. Whitney Wolfe’s revelation for Bumble’s premise came from her own aversion to initiating the first move according to Paper’s Whitney Wolfe: The Matchmaker. Whitney still resides in Austin, Texas to oversee and ensure that Bumble’s main hive still positively impacts and benefits its users.

Modern dating desperately needed a makeover that Whitney Wolfe gladly still provides through Bumble. There are quite of few benefits to Bumble. Bumble, like its competitors, is a mobile app that allows its users to connect on-the-go, or from home. The app still uses the yes or no swipe technique which simplifies the overwhelming monotony of lengthy surveys that were a norm of online dating’s past. It instills the idea that there’s someone out there for everyone as it includes 7 million users from 20 different countries. The major benefit that exists is that unlike traditional apps/websites where either gender has the opportunity to reach out after being matched, only the women can message the men they’ve matched with; the men just sit pretty with anticipation. The role reversal that Bumble offers is a huge leap for women who’ve traditionally succumbed to the misogyny of men through their often lewd first ‘moves’ in the dating virtual world. Bumble thrives due to its role reversal resulting in around 5,000 successful, serious relationships.