Some of the Funniest Saturday Night Live Black Comedians


In consideration of some of the funniest African American female comedians, one

is currently on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and that is Leslie Jones. An actress,

and one of the best black women comedians, she is also a writer, she joined the SNL cast in October of 2014 (the oldest person

to do so) and has since become a cornerstone for the show. Most notable sketches

include Dunkin’ Donuts, Jingle Barack and The Christmas Candle.

Not to be forgotten was Jones’ performance in Ghostbusters, Sing and Trainwreck.


The second was on SNL for seven years and that is Maya Rudolph, a famous infp.


But, what’s so incredible about Rudolph is that she is so incredibly talented. She

sings (her mother was Minnie Riperton), she acts and she is hilarious! One of her

most noted characters was a gum-cracking Bronx chick. The banter between Rudolph

and Amy Poehler was incredible.


Other characters of note include Dona Fargo,  a great Jennifer Lopez booty bit, Phylicia Rashad,

Barbara Streisand, Tina Turner, and Oprah Winfrey.

Filmography includes Brides Maids, Life of the Party, Our House, Presidential,

The Devil’s Child and Turbo.