Handy.com, A Site to Book Help for Home Projects

Handy is a company that offers a variety of services relating to the care of a house. Some of the services that can be booked through their website include cleaning, home repairs, TV hanging and furniture assembly. A full list of services can be found on their website.

The company has only been in service since 2012, yet has managed to reach one million dollars in weekly bookings. They currently operate in 25 United States cities. They also have a few locations in Canada and London, England.

According to janeexplains.com, they have a few hundred thousand contractors on the site with at least 5000 active contractors that do at least one job a month. Their business model appears to be a success, since 80% of their bookings are from returning customers. In addition, half of their customers are referred from other customers.

They also stress speed; promising service in as little as one day. They even have an app to make booking services easy. Read more about this company on bigcitylittleblog.com.

In conclusion, Handy.com is a website to visit if you need a job done around the house. Check out http://www.alwayztherro.com/4-apps-can-make-efficient/.