Lime Crime Breaking Out And Standing Out In The Cosmetics World

Have you ever wished for a cosmetic company that was bold, innovative, daring, and one that stands out from the crowd always? Did you desire to see a cosmetic company committed to changing and expanding the makeup landscape not only locally but internationally too? Well look no further than Lime Crime whose recent expansion into the China market has done a little more than just turn heads and wallets to date.

Lime Crime faced some initial challenges in terms of how it would sell its products in the China market, which mandated for them to test their products on live animals before it could be approved for consumer use. Lime Crime is known for their vegan approach to testing and thus sought to improvise around this requirement by teaming up with a US based eCommerce company called Revolve.

So how did the product fare? How did Lime Crime break out of the traditional consumer marketing role of buying television ads, hiring sales people, and sending advertising flyers in the mail? Well for starters, Lime Crime launched an comprehensive social media marketing campaign and this spread like wildfire to entice people to come and buy their products through the e-commerce store.

LimeCrime also invested heavliy into people who were passionate about using their cosmetics and it was these “Lime Crime evangelists” goal to convert more people into using their brand and it has worked beautifully for the company so far. Lime Crime was able to add credibility and a festive frenzy for the product by utilizing a core audience in China which would eventually grow into something much more helping them to stand out in an ever growing worldwide cosmetic business world.