Right-Wing Supporters of Israel and Neo-Nazis Unite In Attacking Soros

George Soros is a famous business magnate born in Hungary who later came to the United States. He is also known for his various charitable and philanthropic activities. Soros often provides funding for liberal and left-leaning movements, which includes supporting a reform of the prison system and drug policy in America. As one might expect, his social and political views have made him the target of criticism, ridicule and sometimes outright hatred from the Right.

A recent George Soros Wikileaks release has resulted in numerous right-wing attacks on the business magnate. The George Soros emails that are part of the Wikileaks dump are related to the activities of the foundation he runs, which supports human rights, open government and democracy around the world.

As soon as the George Soros emails became public, the Right took to various media outlets in order to express their hatred for the philanthropist. Right-Wing Israel supporters and various antisemitic groups such as Neo-Nazis and white supremacy movements, two groups that would normally be highly opposed to each other, have united in a combined attack campaign. A Raw Story report sheds more light on their activities.

Supporters of Israel claim that the George Soros Wikileaks entry proves that the businessman wants to harm Israel and is opposed to its existence. They support this allegation by pointing to emails in which Soros is shown to provide funding for both Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups that document allegations of war crimes and human rights abuse committed by the Israeli military.

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On the Neo-Nazi side, emails related to Soros’ support for refugees in Europe are used to fuel allegations of a George Soros conspiracy to flood Europe with millions of migrants. As George Soros is of Jewish ancestry, far-right groups like Neo-Nazi movements often accuse him of using his wealth to finance some kind of plot by Jews to destabilize European nations by encouraging mass immigration from Islamic countries.

Outlandish claims of a George Soros conspiracy have been made long before the email leak by right-wing pundits such as Glenn Beck. An article from The Nation talks about statements Beck made about Soros in 2010.

Glenn Beck went on to falsely claim that a 14-year-old George Soros assisted the Nazi occupation in Hungary by helping confiscate land and property belonging to Jews who were sent to concentration camps. In reality, Soros and his Christian protector were ordered by the Nazis to inventory the estate left behind by a wealthy Jewish man who had already fled the country. Neither of them took any property from Jews or other victims of Nazi persecution during World War II.

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