Winning Your College Football Bets

Football is the most popular sport in the United States. Unlike most other professional sports in the U.S., the NFL does not have minor league organizations, making the NCAAF the second highest football league in the country. Due to the popularity of college football, many people bet on NCAAF odds. Betting on the sport can not only bring more excitement to the game, but end up in great financial payoffs as well.
When betting on any professional sport, is important to understand the rules and details of placing bets. On of the most important parts of sports betting is the “spread.” The spread is the minimum margin of victory, or the minimum amount of points the favorite team is expected to win by. If the favorite team does not win by more than the margin of victory, they have not covered the spread.
Though many fans have a passion for the sport, understanding the odds and betting lines are not always easy. The best way to ensure that you are making the wisest picks is to rely on the opinions of experts with a greater ability to analyze the game, such as those found at, a one-stop-shop for sports gaming information.
In order to be profitable when betting on sports, many people chose to seek the advice of experts. offers everything anyone looking to make informed decisions when it comes to betting needs. League trends, power rankings, statistics, standings, and injuries are just some of the information provided on to assist users in making the best choice.  Clients can learn more about these experts by reviewing their detailed bios, which include their successful pick rates. After deciding on the expert best suited for their needs, clients can chose the subscription that works best for them. Clients even have the option to purchase guaranteed plays-if the pick is wrong, there is no charge!
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Handy is a company that offers a variety of services relating to the care of a house. Some of the services that can be booked through their website include cleaning, home repairs, TV hanging and furniture assembly. A full list of services can be found on their website.

The company has only been in service since 2012, yet has managed to reach one million dollars in weekly bookings. They currently operate in 25 United States cities. They also have a few locations in Canada and London, England.

According to, they have a few hundred thousand contractors on the site with at least 5000 active contractors that do at least one job a month. Their business model appears to be a success, since 80% of their bookings are from returning customers. In addition, half of their customers are referred from other customers.

They also stress speed; promising service in as little as one day. They even have an app to make booking services easy. Read more about this company on

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Banking for Convenience

NexBank is making major moves in the industry by acquiring College Savings Bank located in Princeton, New Jersey. This is a big deal as the College Savings Bank specializes in hundreds of savings programs that are aimed at paying for a college education. There are not many terms to be discussed, but it is important to note that College Savings Bank will be able to keep its name and branding.

NexBank has been a player in the industry for many years and continues to be worth billions of dollars. They specialize in banking, mortgages, and investments that are sure to help anyone out looking to make more money for themselves and their family. They are also involved in services revolved around businesses, real estate, and other multi-million dollar ideals.

NexBank makes it convenient for its consumers to bank by providing online options and different solutions to deposit and withdrawal money. There are also many benefits offered that some other institutions may not offer, such as transferring between banks, accounts, and even linking accounts to pay bills online.


A Preview Into JustFab and the Contribution of Don Ressler

Most of the businesses Don Ressler has launched have grown into established ventures that have stood independently. He is a passionate entrepreneur with success in many areas of business. One of the platforms where he has emerged triumphant and successful is the online retail industry. Don Ressler has managed several businesses, some of which he sold along the way while others still run under his control.

Don Ressler started his career as an entrepreneur with the launch of, a company that opened opportunities for learning and gaining experience. His experience at this stage was not bad because he was able to make profit amid challenges. After some time, Ressler put the company on sale and Intermix Media showed interest. They sealed a deal in 2001 and he raised capital enough to kick start his next idea.

After handing over the company, Don Ressler met Adam Goldenberg, who came in as a partner. They decided to venture into business together since they seemed to have similar ideas and dreams. During their first year, they launched Alena Media, a company that provided marketing services to other businesses. Although this was their first venture, they earned revenue to the tune of millions, something that motivated them to move to bigger businesses.

About Intelligent Beauty
With great experience and skills, the two proceeded with their journey and their next step was the launch of Intelligent Beauty on Crunchbase. The company was born after a brainstorming session that invited several professionals. In 2008, they had gathered all the necessary resources and they launched Intelligent Beauty, marking the beginning of their journey in fashion and beauty retailing. To date, Intelligent Beauty has remained one of the most profitable businesses the duo runs and they are looking to expand to bigger markets in near future.

What followed after Intelligent Beauty was the establishment of JustFab, a subscription retail that would be confined to the sale of fashion items. The company was launched in 2010 and to boost its growth, they sought funding from Matrix Ventures amounting to $33 million. In 2013, a new brand, FabKids, was added to the line and it would run separately. FabKids offers kids’ fashion products and runs on a similar script like JustFab.

Christopher Burch’s Take On The Relationship Between Fashion And Technology

Christopher Burch believes that technology and fashion are intrinsically linked together. He believes that fashion is sort of a promoter of new technology. Burch states that as new technology comes out, it may not be fashionable or cool at first. The fashion industry and trends can remedy this.

Chris gives an example of the boombox. When it first came out, people were fascinated by it, but it was not hip or trendy. With the promotion from movies and TV shows, the boombox slowly became accepted and part of the norm. Over time it became fashionable and cool to rock a boombox at the beach. In this way, fashion helped new technology get broader use and acceptance among the general population.

Mr. Burch believes that fashion plays a very important role in making technologies more acceptable and more widely used by people. Technology can alter our lives for the better and provide us with lots of new and exciting features that we can use. However, without fashion promoting new technology, the new technology would never have an impact on the people and change our lives for the better.

Christopher Burch also points out that technology is even impacting fashion. There are plans underway to create shoes that could charge electronic devices while you are walking or jogging. Some designers are using recycled materials such as bicycle inner tubes and radiator copper to create shirts, jackets and even gowns. Technology is also making gear more safe. For example a motorcycle accessory worn around the neck can pop open like an airbag to prevent injury and death during an accident. There is even a self painting dress, which uses inks that are pumped through a material to change the color of the dress. It is known as a pseudomorph dress.

About Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur and investor. He founded his first business while he was an undergraduate student at Ithaca College in New York State. Called Eagle Eye Apparel, it grew to a business worth over $165 million dollars before it was sold to an investment group.

Chris has been investing in many companies across a wide spectrum of industries since then. He has helped create Poppin, an office supply store. It provides all the essentials of an office from furniture to basic materials such as pens and paperclips. Christopher Burch has entered the health and beauty industry investing in companies such as Blink Health, Little Duck Organics and BaubleBar. Mr. Burch also helped launch the Nihiwatu luxury hotel resort in Indonesia after renovating it. Chris also has his own investment group called Burch Creative Capital.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Austin’s Premier Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a force to be reckoned with. Dr. Walden has established herself as one of the top names in cosmetic surgery. With Harper’s Bazaar naming her one of top 24 best beauty surgeons in America, her already busy waiting list is bursting to the brim.

Originally hailing from Austin, Texas, Jennifer Walden radiates a calm warmth both in her practice and outside it. Her father was a dentist, and her mother a surgical nurse who managed her and 4 other siblings at home. Her parents instilled in her the importance of an education, and she took that lesson to heart graduating Salutatorian in medical school and attaining a highly exclusive aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.

On top of all of this, Walden has twin boys who were born in 2010 With the support of her mother and the help of nannies, Walden relocated her practice to Austin’s Westlake Medical Center and accomplished the seemingly impossible feat of having a thriving career and home life.

Dr. Walden fully appreciates the challenges and demands of “having it all”, and she wants to inspire young girls to pursue both their career goals and family goals. But of course, she wants young women to know that they “must be prepared to make difficult decisions” and prioritize their lives accordingly. Walden emphasizes that girls need the support of nannies, family, or a partner, if they want to maintain a demanding career and rich family life.

While leading her own practice, Dr. Walden is currently on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and also its Vice Commissioner of Communications. In addition, she serves as the media spokesperson for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Walden was also the Program Director of the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship until her move back to Austin.


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Athletes Need To Use Lip Balm Like Evolution Of Smooth

Athletes needs to be aware of the fact that their lips are in danger every day from being cracked or bleeding just because they are playing. The games they play can be very hard on their bodies, and there are a lot of instances when someone will make contact with their lips. That is why they need to have Evolution of Smooth with them, and they need to use it in even break they get. The breaks they take will be very hard on them if their lips are dry, and water or sports drinks just does not help.

The athlete that is willing to take care of their lips will not have a problem while they are playing because their lips are so moist. They could have something hit them in the face, but their lips will be alright. That is important because it keeps their lips ready for the next round in a game, and it will help them make sure they are not bleeding. Most people will be pulled out of a game when they are found to be bleeding, and using Evolution of Smooth can solve that problem for a lot of people so that incidental contact is not so bad.

There are a lot of coaches and trainers who are using EOS lip balms to make sure their players are as healthy as possible, and people who have to play in elements will be in much better shape as they play. It makes wearing a mouth-guard much easier, and it helps people who are standing out in the weather for the games just much. Evolution of Smooth will help anyone who needs lip balm handy.

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David Osio, CEO of Davos Real Estate Group

David Osio is the originator and Chief Executive Officer of the Davos Financial Group of companies, Venezuela. He marked off International Banking Law, and Advanced Management Program degrees from the Catholic University of Andres Bello, in Venezuela. He serves as the leader of the Davos and associate companies that promote new heights of social and corporate responsibilities.

Davos is a real estate group of companies that has offered widespread financial support through Latin American markets. Davos Real Estate Group’s goals are centered on the formulation of investment policies that assemble client expectations and needs. The Group of Companies combines their premium products with a high-class experience, regulatory framework, licensed specialized professional team to offer customers with quality financial services. Since its setting up in 1993, Davos Real Estate Group’s has shown commitment in supplying financial guidance to its elite collection of clientele. As the leader of the group, Osio has driven the company into prosperity and development of other licensed and self-sufficient corporations in Panama, Geneva, Miami, and New York.

David Osio contributes to many charitable organizations. Osio and his business Davos have also been recognized through several global honors, for example, the South Florida Business Leaders in 2009. Furthermore, the company was appreciated through the Miami Award Winner Program, an honor that identifies positive contributions, and the achievements of corporations in Miami.

David Osio together with the Executive Director of Davos REG, Mr. Gerard González have recently launched a new Real Estate Application. The mobile app will allow clients to approximate investment property gains after measuring property associated expenses. The application is build up from the newest technology policies and is presently accessible to Android and iPhone devices. This primary application is the premier of a succession of other harmonized applications that will contain mobile device property identification capabilities. The mobile application will enable clients to promote past real estate reports to Davos agents through interactive chats. The application is an innovative means that will allow investors a clearer monetary visualization when acquiring property. Clients will also be able to estimate property rental prices that go best with their expected earnings. In a declaration, David Osio expressed his company’s production intend to expand this free mobile function to allow the company’s client financial guidance when endowing American real estate solutions.

Follow Osio on Twitter @davidosio1

Securus Technologies Shows Its Social Responsibility by Donating to the Louisiana State Prison.

Securus Technologies a reputable and trusted company that offers communication services to various civil and criminal justice organizations that are located in North America. The company runs operations from its headquarters, which are in Dallas, Texas. The technology solutions that its offers are highly relied on by approximately 1.2 million individuals who are incinerated in the 3450 law enforcement facilities that have contracted Securus. The support services that are provided by the organization are committed to giving the best communication, biometric examination, and inmate self-service, analysis of goods and services, control of information, emergency control, public information, and the management of various incidences.


The company lately informed the public about its plans to offer frees calls to the convicts at the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC). Each inmate will have a chance to receive a free can on 7th September, and this will assist in connecting them with their families and friend to avoid anxiety after the recent floods. Richard A. Smith, who currently serves as the CEO of the company, believes that the firm is following its mission of connecting the inmate with their loved ones. The past floods calamity at Louisiana has brought a lot of stress, and therefore, free calls will significantly help the families of the prisoners in founding out about the welfare of their loved ones.


The free calls offer that was given by Securus Technology is worth $300,000, and the firm also gave $50,000 to cater for the well-being of the Louisiana Department of Corrections’ inmates. The company has predicted that there will be more than 250,000 calls that will be made in the next one week.


Olympic Valley Incorporation Falls Short

In addition to coping with the effects of drought in the area, there have been ongoing political squabbles over the proposed Olympic Valley Incorporation.

According to an article from the Reno Gazette-Journal, that tension may finally be lessening. Squaw Valley’s CEO Andy Wirth was delighted to see that those behind the incorporation effort withdrew their request to have Olympic Valley established as a new town.

Wirth, the CEO of both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, recently deepened his connection to the area when he became the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority board in July of 2015. He has used his experience to build and properly represent the airport that is known as the “Gateway to Lake Tahoe.”

Wirth opposed the Olympic Valley incorporation because of what he perceived as a fiscal threat to the community. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, under Wirth’s leadership, invested a significant amount in overturning the incorporation movement. According to Wirth, the effort would have caused higher taxes for residents and businesses and limited vital services for the community.

Proponents of the incorporation effort claimed they needed more control over land use. Incorporating Olympic Valley would have dictated that land use decisions would fall under a local Town Council’s supervision instead of that of Placer County Board of Supervisors on

Wirth’s opposition also spent hundreds of thousands on their efforts for incorporation. In the end the California Local Agency Formation Commission decided that incorporating Olympic Valley as a new town would not be financially sustainable.

Relief from drought conditions in 2015 also allowed the resort to open several weeks ahead of time.

With the effort to incorporate officially overturned and the weather finally cooperating, Wirth was quoted as saying transportation and becoming a cohesive community should be the highest priority moving forward.