Daniel Taub helps Israel establish strong relationship with U.K

The appointment of Daniel Taub to the office of the ambassador of Israel in the United Kingdom was one of the best choices that the Middle East country have made.

It is an appointment that one can look back and say that it was well deserved. It is an appointment that has changed the way the two countries used to relate. It is no longer the same relationship that existed a decade ago.

The two countries are now cordial and are sharing a lot of things. From, trade to counter terrorism. All these changes that we are talking about happened over a span of 4 years. In this period there were significant changes that took place spearheaded by the then Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub.

Looking back at the tenure of Daniel Taub which happened between 2011 and 2015, one can confidently say that this is a diplomat who played his role of bringing the two countries together quite well.

He made sure that Israeli gained from the relationship to the maximum. Daniel Taub was a staunch Jew who believed in carrying out his roles in a manner beyond the expectations of the people. He was driven by courage but more so the beliefs of his religion.

This is the reason that even on the day he was presenting his papers to the Queen, he wore traditional Jewish clothes including the head cap known as the Kippah. This was an indication of a man who was ready to serve diligently and according to his beliefs. Looking back, we can say this exactly what happened.

By the time he left office, he had managed to keep the two countries on a track of progress while at the same time showing great courage when his country was under siege as it happened when the MP for Bradford had declared that his area was Israeli free. He objected to this decree and even defied it by visiting the area in the height of the ban.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer and a diplomat. He has specialized in counter-terrorism and laws of war.

With his skills, he played a key role in helping Israel deal with international diplomacy especially in its relationship with Palestine. He represented Israel in peacekeeping meetings as well as causes at the United Nations headquarters.

Daniel Taub is currently serving as a director of Yaniv Hadiv Foundation in Jerusalem.

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