Omar Boraie is the Great Uniter

Omar Boraie is credited by the New Jersey Senate as the man who saved the city of New Brunswick. They gave him this recognition because he has worked for 40 years to turn the city from a slum with in a hole to an economic hotbed.

This dream came to him after a long vacation on the continent of Europe. He saw how strong the cities were overseas and knew that New Brunswick could one day become just as powerful as one of those. He returned United States with a dream and a plan. This plan was to help New Brunswick become a more family-friendly area. The second part of his plan was to make jobs lucrative to all the classes. The third step of his plan was to unite the powers that be to make New Brunswick a thriving center. The fourth part of his plan was to bring back a strong middle-class.

Omar Boraie began strengthening the family relationships in the area by working with churches. He approached the largest churches in the area and agreed to give them the necessary money if they were planning events that build relationships both inside the family and between families. One church organized a family fun day which allowed kids to play in the yard in the water during the hot summer.

Boraie Development got to work to make the jobs more lucrative for everybody in New Brunswick. He knew this would bring people back from every class. He worked with Johnson & Johnson to develop a financial plan that allowed Johnson & Johnson to raise wages, build more factories, and hire more workers. This led to the lower class coming back to the area.

The third part of his plan was to unite the many influencers underneath a single vision. He gathered the city mayor, the state senate, and various politicians and united their vision on behalf of New Brunswick. Check out their website

The fourth step of his plan was to build a stronger middle-class. He did this by offering commercial office space that would normally go to prestigious practices but sold them for a middle-class wage. This allowed young upstart professionals to afford office spaces that made them look more prestigious than they really were. This caused young families to flock from neighboring cities to the city of New Brunswick. These achievements give Omar Boraie the name of the “Father of New Brunswick.”


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