Clay Hutson: The Tour Manager Pulling Off Some Of The Biggest Tours In The Company

Tour managers are one of the most important parts of a musicians tour, and having the right kind of tour manager can bring an entire show together. Artists all over the world depend on tour managers immensely to ensure that their shows flow smoothly, and to keep track of everything that is needed for the performance. Be it big superstars or smaller indie artists; tour managers are the ones who artists truly depend on. Learn more:



Clay Hutson is one tour manager who has been responsible for the successful tours of countless members of the music industry. He has an incredible amount of experience when it comes to the music industry and managing tours, which is why he is so highly regarded. A man of expertise, he has helped set up the entire arena for several music artists and has been someone who they can depend on. Artists from all over the country have opted to seek the expertise of Clay Hutson to ensure the success of their performances. In addition to being a good tour manager, Clay Hutson is also proficient with sound engineering. He is considered to be one of the top live sound engineers in the entire country, and offers a wide range of expertise which can improve the way that artists showcase themselves on stage.



One of the more recent tours that Clay Hutson was part of was for Arron Lewis. This tour was especially iconic since Clay Hutson had brought along some of the best grade equipment to prove better sound quality and performance level to the show. The use of this new equipment also shed light on the immense amount of knowledge that Clay Hutson possess when he is on the road and handling all of the sound engineering work of the shows that he is managing.



Having so much expertise and knowledge in the sector prompted Clay Hutson to start up his own live event management company. The company has been able to offer their services to a wide range of clients, who perform in varied genres of music. The company has a wide range of services that artists can opt to go in for, and also offers package deals for artists who want to perform multiple shows with the services that Clay Hutson and his company provide. When operating and managing a show, Clay Hutson likes to be a part of the entire process, which enables him to manage on a much closer level, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and in accordance to what is needed to be done.






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