Securus Technologies Acquires GovPayNet to Expand its Services

Securus Technologies is among the top technology provider in the inmate and law enforcement agencies. The company has been adding new products and services to its portfolio over the years. Recently, they announced the acquisition of GovPayNet. While the talks for acquisition had been on for quite a while, overtake was finalized just a few days back.


GovPayNet is a virtual payment service provider mainly for the government agencies. The company offers its services to those looking to pay their court fines, bail, traffic violation fees, record fees, probation oversight fees, speeding tickets fines and parking fines as well. Customers can also use them to pay their property tax or other government taxes in a seamless manner. The company already has a presence in more than 2,300 government agencies in around 35 states. The company was set up in 1997 and has grown immensely since then.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Robert E. (Bob) Pickens said that the company was happy to add GovPayNet to their portfolio. Since GovPayNet has been in the industry for around 20 years and already has a great customer base along with excellent service, it would be beneficial to their company. He added that they would be building their strengths around it to continue providing the services to government agencies using their advanced technology systems created by their experienced tech teams.


According to the top management of Securus Technologies, adding GovPayNet to their company was an excellent way to expand their services to other branches of the industry. They aim to provide a more accessible and comfortable way for the people in the country to pay their fines and taxes without having to go to the offices physically. It not only saves their time and money for the customers but also helps the government agencies reduce paperwork and effort.



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