Looking for an EOS Review? Here are the new Vegan Crystal Flavors!

EOS has been developing quite a reputation for themselves with their ever-growing selection of lip balms. Although some people have not had the privilege of trying this product yet, others have already been swept away with the new vegan crystal flavors. These flavors are a hit and you will soon find out why.

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EOS: Then and Now

Since the release of this new flavor line, EOS’s lip balms have been getting yanked off the shelves by eager consumers faster than production. The same signature round container still remains, but that detail pales in comparison to the new flavor that resides in the clear substance that has been known and loved for a while now.

EOS lip balms have been out for quite some time. Time and time again these lip balms have proven to be a great success. With these new flavors, there was extreme and immense positivity surrounding the brand, the consumer experience, and the overall quality of the products.

For the longest time, the same tried and true products were the main staples when it came to lip balms, but over time the idea and lack of certain qualities began to become tiresome. Once EOS came up with the idea to revolutionize the lip care industry and started producing a unique brand of lip balm, popularity shot through the roof. Many local stores including the big box stores and pharmacies are now seeing rapid sales of this new product.

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Ready to Try It Yourself?

EOS has far surpassed other lip balm companies in sales and popularity. Celebrities alone can’t get enough of this amazing product. With its see-through look and wax free formula it’s a high ranked seller that puts EOS at the top of the industry, especially with their flavors like vanilla orchid, shop here!

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