Why Paul Mampilly Left The Wall Street

Paul Mampilly offers advice related to investments in the United States. If you would love to talk with the financial expert, you can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn where he would be more than glad to help. Just the other day, the financial expert had some words of courage for people wishing to succeed in business. He advised them to look at big trends while focusing on technology.

According to Paul Mampilly, technology will be responsible for connecting people, places and things in the future. These are three key things in business. Paul Mampilly openly admits that he loves to read. Reading offers him an insight of things he didn’t know. It’s the only way that you can relate to things beyond your field of specialization. The finance expert says that people should focus on reading books that are beyond their area of specialization. His favorite book at the moment is a book called How I Made $2 Million in the Stock Market. In a recent interview, Paul Mampilly was asked if there is something that he would love to change about his life. He said that if he was given another chance to be a young person, Paul Mampilly would not go back to school. Instead, he would focus on hands on experience and reading books.

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Paul Mampilly says that the stock market is a very dangerous place to work. He has some words of advice to new entrepreneurs. When things start going wrong in the market, you should change the way you do things. However, he says that you should also remain focused. This is why you require a plan and an exit strategy in everything you do. This could be in business or normal life. However, these are the ideas of Paul Mampilly. He says that he has succeeded in life because he has managed to get his priorities right. Paul says that he left Wall Street because he felt undervalued. This is a place that you are only important when you are winning. If you make a mistake, people will criticize you to the extent of wanting to skin you alive.

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