NuoDB New SQL database System

Founded in 2008 in Cambridge Massachusetts, NuoDB is an innovative database company developing the next generation of SQL database systems. NuoDB patented technology has garnered the trust of private capital through venture capital investments totaling $60 million dollars. Companies such as Kodiak, Alpha Systems, and UAE Exchange are a few of the companies that use NuoDB advances SQL database systems.
Their patented “elastically scalable database” has been the key component of their success. This new system is called the NewSQL and gives the user the flexibility to easily scale out their systems. The NuoDB SQL database system is unique because it depends on a three tiered structure which allows the NewSQL system to run faster without sharding. The NuoDB SQL database system also includes ACID compliance which is important for transaction reliability. This advanced SQL database system allows the client to scale out in complex cloud systems as well as container based systems.

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