The Compassionate Betsy DeVos

The educational sector in Michigan boldly recognizes Betsy DeVos for her immense input in ensuring children from all walks of life get a quality education. Betsy has also played a significant role in transforming the education system so that learners can get and savor the best out of the education they get at school. Her idea is to help children grow academically and also explore their talents and nature them to make them better people.Betsy is the head of American Federation for Children which is a body that is concerned with diversifying the educational sector across the United States so that parents wouldn’t be limited to sending their children to particular schools. The organization also doubles as a charity and advocacy group on matters related to education. Through the body, Betsy has been able to sponsor many children to attend schools of their choice.

Betsy’s philanthropic gestures towards education began when she was searching for a school for her children during which she networked with other parents who couldn’t afford to send their children to good schools. She began sponsoring these children and soon her love for education grew, and she decided to make a change to the education sector to enable kids to access education. She and her husband started a small organization for giving scholarships to students who were needy.Betsy served in the America Education Reform Council through which she championed for more diversification of the educational sector using taxes and vouchers. She also tried to alter the educational system by her political influence so that the system could support issuing of vouchers or tax-credit assistance to parents and needy children. Her input has achieved immense success with many parents enjoying the privilege to choose a school for their children without limitation. The education system has also been improved and gives learners more to learn about.

About Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is an entrepreneur, an activist, artist, innovator, and a leader. She has been actively involved in transforming the educational system across many states in the United States of America so that it has a variety for learners to choose from. She is married to Dick DeVos with whom they have three children.Betsy has had a successful political career since her university years which is more than 30 years. She has held several big positions in the political scene. These include being the chair of the Michigan Republican Party for six years straight. She is currently the chair of Windquest Group, an energy company.Together with her husband, she has been involved in many giving back to the community activities mainly about education. She sponsors several children and is enabling them to get through with their education. She is known for improving the education system in the US.

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