The 3 Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals In The World

Hospital M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston

Stated by US News & World as the best cancer treatment center in the world. The hospital of the University of Texas, provides prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in children and adults.

The MD Anderson Cancer Center provides exceptional service to national and international patients. In addition, MD Anderson has a protocol to facilitate the sending of information and medical records of physicians in the patient country to the Houston Hospital and a service center for international patients as well.

Cancer Hospital – Memorial Sloan-Ketterling, NY

Memoral Sloan Ketterling Cancer hospital has over 180 oncologists, and they are among the best radiation treatment pioneers in the world. They experience more than 40,000 tumors per year in pathology laboratories which they analyze for providing better treatment.

For patients with cancer who are outside the United States, you can send your medical records in English and in three to five days an oncologist at the Memorial Sloan ketterling expresses his opinion, and that, in his opinion, would be the best treatment.

Bobst International Center, an extension of Memorial Sloan, provides international patients help to determine the cost of treatment options for housing in New York and how to even get a translator if needed.

Note that this hospital does not recognize the insurance of international patients in both treatment rates and requires an advance payment of all disease costs. If the cost of lowering the end of the care are what was expected, the surplus reimbursed paid within 30 days.

Johns Hopkins Hospital Cancer Treatment

Johns Hopkins enjoys a high reputation in various specialties, including cancer. They are famous for their treatment of breast cancer and prostate cancer. They are the # 1 hospital in urology and all diseases related to this product are considered.

They are also pioneers in the successful implementation of various chemotherapy treatments. Each year, international patients from over 100 countries and an office receive recommendations from doctors abroad and patients’ interest in treatment options.

Johns Hopkins is located in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. You would only have to drive for half an hour from Washington DC International Airport. For further information on the services offered to international patients, please consult their website.

What Does The Emergency Gold Conference With The U.S. Money Reserve Mean For You?

In an announcement earlier this month, the U.S. Reserve stated that there would be an Emergency Gold Conference at an undisclosed, secure location in Austin, Texas. During the conference, it is said that various issues will be addressed, including unstable world leadership, global terrorism, the national debt crisis, cyber attacks and the impact of the ongoing financial crisis.

The President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, will also be on hand to discuss the worldwide uncertainty that has been mounting as well as reveal the new U.S. Gold Report that he has put together. In this report, you will find many reasons why it is best for citizens to buy gold. You will also learn more about why the price of gold is impacted greatly by a number of the issues that are making headlines each day across various news outlets.

What Is The U.S. Money Reserve?

The U.S. Money Reserve was originally founded in 2001, quickly growing into one of the biggest private distributors in the world for foreign and U.S. government issued silver, gold and platinum forms of legal tender. Countless clients all over the country rely on the Reserve on a regular basis to help them with diversifying assets by using various precious metals, including both gold and silver U.S. coins.

As part of the trained team at the U.S. Money Reserve, there are numismatic and coin research professionals that possess a great deal of expert knowledge when it comes to locating the right products to offer a decent profit potential for buyers of precious metals at each level.

When it comes to customer service, the U.S. Money Reserve is well known for providing high standard results while having a long-term goal for building a solid relationship with each of their customers.

With the conference, precious metal investors across the country can gain more insight as to the status of this field and what can be done to solidify their place in the market moving forward.

When you take a look at the overall volatility that is found in the marketplace today, it is only natural that the next step will be taking the time to learn all about the peace of mind and monetary insurance that gold and other precious metals have to offer. If you have thought that it is time to buy gold, the reports coming out of the conference will be able to shed some light on the subject for you.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

EOS is Awesome

Lemon Twist with SPF 30 is one of my favorite flavors from EOS, which stands for the Evolution of Smooth lip balms. It is the second release from the Lip Protection Balm series of lip balms from the company. This is how it smells and how it works to soften your lips.

The Lemon Twist is made of lemon and vanilla, according tot eh company details on the package, along with other all-natural ingredients to soften the lips naturally. It makes you feel energized and refreshed. Like Sweet Mint, it also freshens your breath some. It is one of my favorites from the company’s release of flavors. Read more related articles here on

In this same series, the Fresh Grapefruit flavor is made of the same ingredients, except for the main flavor. Instead of lemon, it has a grapefruit flavor. I prefer the lemon one instead, but others like this as well. You’ll have to try it out and see for yourself. Once you do, you’ll be addicted. They are awesome. Among the flavors and the adorable design, Sanjiv Mehra was a total genius when he created this product and company.

Like all of the flavors, it is made of all-natural flavors. It is a very soothing feeling on the lips whenever EOS products are used. They taste fabulous and seem to live-in the spirit through the use of the cute little balls of flavor for the lips. They are in bright colors too. It’s just too adorable.

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The EOS product line is one of the most successful products in years in the personal product line. It came from the famous Pepsico genius Sanjiv Mehra, who created the line of lip balms along with his co-creator. Several other flavors have come along since. There is even a line of hand lotion that EOS has released since they began.

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Jason Halpern Adding on His List of Great Developments

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

Jason Halpern is the lead developer at JMH a realtor firm; he is the one who announced the grand opening of the Aloft South Beach hotel that host 235-rooms in Miami Beach. Aloft South Beach hotel in Miami is a combined development of Madden Real Estate Ventures and JMH Development. The resort is a makeover of the Ankara Motel. Its new structure formation will harbor an eight-story tower. The construction process is being taken care of by ADD Incorporated and Plaza Construction. Aloft South Beach hotel will be the first of its kind to launch its service in South Beach Miami since 2009.

Among its exterior amenities is a waterfront that gives access to the Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast which surrounds the resort. The hotel’s adjacent properties include several art galleries, the Miami Beach Convention Center, numerous night clubs, boutiques, restaurants, and the Bass Museum of Art. Any guests who visit the Aloft Hotel in Miami will encounter a roof deck lounge, an outdoor pool, a 24-hour fitness spa and spacious meeting spaces perfect for hosting both social gatherings and business meetings. The hotel will also offer live performances from emerging artists as well as the hottest bands around.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

About Aloft Hotels

The group of Hotels has 100 hotels currently running and is looking forward to setting foot in new 14 new countries. The Aloft group of hotels is known for their modern designs and vibrant experience offered to their guest. The resort also hosts a loyalty program which is the richest in the industry.

About Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

It’s one of the leading leisure and hotel firms in the world with almost 1,200 resorts scattered in 100 nations, and 181,400 workers managed by the property. Starwood is a full operator, franchisor, and owners of hotels and residences with the following brands: The Luxury Collection, Westin, W Hotels, Le Meridien, St. Regis, Four Points, Element, Sheraton, Aloft, and the Starwood Vacation Ownership Incorporated. This firm has one of the best loyalty programs known as the (SPG) Starwood Preferred Guest that allows its members to redeem or earn points for room upgrades, stays or flights with no blackout dates.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

About JMH Development

It’s a leading real estate firm that owns significant commercial and residential properties across the United States. Their properties have an innovative approach towards building distinctive luxury properties. JMH is a pioneer in the construction of unique properties in markets places like Williamsburg, Brooklyn. JMH Development recently launched a significant renovation in 184 Kent Avenue which gave rise to a 340 luxury residential apartments in Brooklyn. This building even won the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award in the reconstruction category. Adjacent to Brooklyn, JMH Development is currently constructing luxury townhouses in Cobble Hill.

EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Evolution of Smooth aka EOS lip balm is the biggest crave! EOS lip balm is a flavored all natural lip balm that comes in unique packaging. Each lip balm contains vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba oil, oil extracted from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis plant. The lip balms don’t contain petrolatum, which is petroleum jelly, a paraffin wax, or paraben, which are commonly used preservatives in other cosmetic brands. The balms are also gluten free and don’t contain any phthalates. EOS lip balms are also hypoallergenic, check their website here. There different lip balms for different lips. EOS has four different type of sphere lip balms. They are organic smooth spheres, visibly soft smooth spheres, shimmer smooth spheres and active protection smooth spheres and also have lip balm sticks. Each lip balm is 95% organic and 100% natural, making your lips soft and beautiful. Along with the different types of balms there are numerous flavors.

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EOS has different flavors for each different type of sphere. The organic smooth sphere flavors of EOS lip balm are Passion fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint and Honeysuckle Honeydew. The visibly soft smooth spheres are vanilla mint, coconut milk and blackberry nectar. The shimmer smooth spheres have a shimmer of sheer pink or pearl and the active protection sphere flavors are lemon twist with SPF 15 and fresh grapefruit with a bit stronger SPF of 30. There are also new flavors for new seasons like the duo Cucumber Melon Spring lip balm and there is a holiday limited edition duo of vanilla bean and winterberry. Each lip balm has the same ingredients of coconut oil, beeswax, etc. but differ with each flavor. Passion Fruit lip balm contains the extracts from the passion fruit plant, blueberry acia contains the extract from the blueberry plant and the acia plant and each lip balm is made that way. The results are fabulous and satisfying. Each lip balm has a beautiful scent with a light flavor and comes in a twist off sphere, making it stand out from the crowd.  Buy these products here on


The Compassionate Betsy DeVos

The educational sector in Michigan boldly recognizes Betsy DeVos for her immense input in ensuring children from all walks of life get a quality education. Betsy has also played a significant role in transforming the education system so that learners can get and savor the best out of the education they get at school. Her idea is to help children grow academically and also explore their talents and nature them to make them better people.Betsy is the head of American Federation for Children which is a body that is concerned with diversifying the educational sector across the United States so that parents wouldn’t be limited to sending their children to particular schools. The organization also doubles as a charity and advocacy group on matters related to education. Through the body, Betsy has been able to sponsor many children to attend schools of their choice.

Betsy’s philanthropic gestures towards education began when she was searching for a school for her children during which she networked with other parents who couldn’t afford to send their children to good schools. She began sponsoring these children and soon her love for education grew, and she decided to make a change to the education sector to enable kids to access education. She and her husband started a small organization for giving scholarships to students who were needy.Betsy served in the America Education Reform Council through which she championed for more diversification of the educational sector using taxes and vouchers. She also tried to alter the educational system by her political influence so that the system could support issuing of vouchers or tax-credit assistance to parents and needy children. Her input has achieved immense success with many parents enjoying the privilege to choose a school for their children without limitation. The education system has also been improved and gives learners more to learn about.

About Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is an entrepreneur, an activist, artist, innovator, and a leader. She has been actively involved in transforming the educational system across many states in the United States of America so that it has a variety for learners to choose from. She is married to Dick DeVos with whom they have three children.Betsy has had a successful political career since her university years which is more than 30 years. She has held several big positions in the political scene. These include being the chair of the Michigan Republican Party for six years straight. She is currently the chair of Windquest Group, an energy company.Together with her husband, she has been involved in many giving back to the community activities mainly about education. She sponsors several children and is enabling them to get through with their education. She is known for improving the education system in the US.

Review of EOS Active Protection Fresh Grapefruit Lip Balm

The Evolution of Smooth (shortened to eos) company is one of the leading makers of skincare and beauty products in the world. Since 2009, they’ve made a name for themselves by producing a variety of unique and uncommon flavors and scents for their various products. Their use of natural, hypoallergenic, and gluten free ingredients combined with vitamins and minerals for added health benefits have made them an extreme success especially among younger demographics, selling well over 1 million units a week among their various product lines.

Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at one of their lip balm flavors to highlight what makes it so unique. The flavor in question is from their Active Protection line – the fresh grapefruit flavor with SPF 30. Let’s find out why these little spheres are so great, see for more.

The product description tells us how it’s designed to keep your lips hydrated and soft while protecting them from UV light, with a grapefruit flavor “to energize and delight.” For the advertised protection, every Active Protection lip balm comes infused with an SPF sunblock to protect your lips from UVA and UVB radiation. The fresh grapefruit flavor is the more powerful of the two currently available (the other being lemon twist) with SPF 30. Additionally, this lip balm is designed to be water resistant for up to 80 minutes of constant exposure, perfect for things like swimming.

As for hydration and softening, this lip balm is mixed with shea butter and jojoba oil, two key ingredients in keeping your lips healthy and lovely. Like many eos products, it is also PABA-free, petrolatum and paraben-free, gluten-free, phthalate-free. On top of all that, it even applies perfectly clear, learn more review.

While the fresh grapefruit flavor is both impressive and delectably flavored, it’s only a fraction of what you can find at eos. Check out their products if you’re in the need for new beauty supplies.

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George Soros: A Strong Supporter of Civil Action in Ferguson, Missouri

George Soros is a powerful political supporter. He provides millions of dollars to advance the cause of liberalism. His ideas, views and opinions are based on the concept of an “open society”. An open society is a governmental system that allows people to believe as they choose, to distribute information as they please and it has a flexible system of government that will not allow one group to dominate everything. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

The United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom are some countries that endorse an open society structure. America is probably one of the most open societies in the world in terms of personal freedoms and civil liberties. Soros enjoys life under an open system of government. He knows from first-hand experience how life could be if societies were restricted or even closed.

This is one of the primary reasons why he created his Open Society Foundations. He needed this non-profit organization to provide donations to thousands of organizations within the U.S. and abroad. These organizations typically work hard to keep traditional government and institutions in check.

Ferguson, Missouri was the focal point of the Black Lives Matter Movement. This organization is supported by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. George Soros supported this organization because it speaks out about police brutality against the black community. The Michael Brown incident that happened Ferguson in 2014 gave Black Lives Matter national exposure. George Soros’s funding of this group helped them to capitalize on their exposure.

Ferguson became the background for the newly emerging African American political forces of the modern ear. The Black Lives Matter movement is the strongest of them all. It is not like anti-racial groups from the past. No. Black Lives Matter is not grounded in the church or grounded in diversification, globalism, empathy, restorative justice and intergenerational connections.

They do not have a centralized leadership and rely on local communities to create their own branches. This organization was started on the internet from a hashtag: #BlackLivesMatter. Since then, it has become an international sensation. However, if it wasn’t from supporters like George Soros; this movement probably would not have gotten very far.

Soros has done a lot throughout the years for various pro-liberal groups across the nation and around the globe. He has helped plenty of people and organizations to keep government and community institutions in check.

The police department is necessary but it can also be a force of injustice against minority people. Soros is not against the police but against police corruption. Therefore, he supports organizations that stand against this type of behavior. He grew up in Hungary when the Nazis had taken it over. Read more about George’s life story at

He knows what it is like to live under tyranny in a hopeless situation. Soros will never allow this type of tyranny to overtake the world. This is why he supports organizations like Black Lives Matter. This is why Ferguson was important in 2014. You can find out more about Soros in Forbes.

NuoDB Replaces Your Database System Not Your Hardware

Do you have an efficient computer-program layout for fast transition to the cloud? Is your application unreliable in merging because it lacks data management?

Well, it is challenging to move files if data management is missing from your application. Here, NuoDB replaces your SQL database system, not your hardware.

The NuoDB enterprise was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And, its database is a simplified development for transitioning to the cloud in place of your application.

NuoDB is supported on Window’s 7 or later (x32 and x64). In addition, the data processor works on these systems:

  • Amazon Basic EC2 (64-bit)
  • Linux
  • Mac OS 10.7 or later
  • Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.x (64-bit)
  • OpenSUSE 12.x (64-bit)
  • RHEL 5.9 and 6.x (64-bit)
  • SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 11 sp2 (64-bit)

However, they no longer support the Joyent and Solaris platforms as these are not in enough demand. Therefore, users of these systems cannot upgrade to NuoDB v1.0.2.

Finally, NuoDB database will allow you more server capacities only when necessary. It works with your application by reliably handling your files and documents for an unfailing transition to the cloud.

So, get ahead in the market by putting NuoDB to the test.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Clients See Her Passion as Heroism

Dr. Jennifer Walden is among the few female doctors who decided to specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery. With over eight thousand certified plastic surgeons, about eight hundred are women and only one-quarter of them are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, few female doctors opt for plastic surgery because of the many years used to study. However, she says being a woman in the field is rewarding because most clients are women and they prefer going to a female who understands them better.

The Practice

Dr. Jennifer Walden moved her practice, the Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC to Austin after having her twin boys so they can grow up around family. In 2014, she opened a satellite clinic in Marble Falls. Dr. Jennifer Walden believes in empowering women, making them feel good about themselves and helping them get back their groove. That is what motivated her to open her clinic that provides rhinoplasties, face and eyelid lifts and breast augmentations and learn more about Jennifer.

When Dr. Walden decided to shift from New York, she was not sure if people in Austin would embrace her practice. On landing, she was overwhelmed by the positive responses. She already had two appointments even before reaching Austin and more information click here.

Dr. Walden History

Dr. Walden graduated with honors in Biology from the University of Texas. She then did her degree in Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. After that, she went back to the same college for her Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency. In 2003, Dr. Walden undertook Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital and later worked there as an Aesthetic Surgery Program Director before opening her practice.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been honored severally for her excellent work. In 2014, she was among the Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons. She is a very sought after plastic surgeon, media commentator and academic and Jennifer’s lacrosse camp.