Fabletics Uses Reverse Showroom in marketing their fashion Clothing Line

Branding is a fundamental element in acquiring competitive advantage in the market. This is because most markets have globalized economies marked with stiff competition. Well to do brands normally have huge market shares. The key selling point of these brands branding. In the industry of fashion, clients prefer to purchase what they can identify with. Most of the time, these are established and well to do brands. It, therefore, means that a new brand in the fashion industry must explore successful strategies to acquire a competitive market niche. The aim of gaining market in this scenario is not to compete with the already existing brands but to earn a new base of clients. This is what Fabletics has done since its establishment. Under the guidance of Kate Hudson, Fabletics employs modern technology to acquire a competitive market niche.


Technology Use


Kate Hudson established the multimillion dollar company in 2013. Its blue ocean launching pad has been a diversified portfolio of strategies that clients prefer to invest in. The evolution of information and technology has revolutionized many industries in fashion. From design to marketing and research, Fabletics employs technology to reach out to a significant client base. The company has a different and exciting ways of embracing technology. Fabletics has incorporated reverse showrooms and physical retail stores in addition to online shopping and high-quality products at affordable prices. The reverse showroom has been a winning story for the company with Amazon being the leading controller of online market shares.


Reverse Showroom


The reverse showroom mechanism is based on stocking the physical stores with the mostly browsed brands by consumers. Depending on the tally, the management selects the brands worth storing. In this strategy, it is evident that Fabletics is successful because before producing a brand and storing it in the physical showroom, there is research conducted on the purchasing power of clients. The management is committed to providing only, what customers demand. This has been the winning strategy for Fabletics since its establishment. Recently, the company added an online platform for online purchasing.


Growing Business


For Kate Hudson, co-founding Fabletics has been a success story. In just fourteen years, the brand has gained a huge clients base thanks to Kate’s wisdom in business and technology. Kate adopted an e-commerce model for customers to subscribe to the business online. Combined with passion and charisma, Kate is impressed by what Fabletics has become. To Kate, a prospective business professional should focus on identifying marketing opportunities before establishing the business. This is a leading strategy in business.

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