Kabbalah Centres Focus on Practising the Principles of Kabbalah

The first Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1922, and it was an event that changed the history of Kabbalahism forever. Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that has been on the earth since humankind existed. Kabbalaists believe that this spirituality began around the time that Jewish traditions were formed, which was in the days after the flood of Noah.

For centuries, Kabbalah was passed down from generation to generation among the priests and elders of the Jewish nation. You had to belong to this elite group of people or you were not eligible to know the principles of wisdom. When RavAshtag founded the first Kabbalah Centre in Israel, the old tradition came to an end. RavAshtag opened the door for everyone who was interested in learning and studying Kabbalah.

By 2016, there were Centres in five cities in the U.S. and 40 worldwide. The history of Kabbalah is recorded on ancient documents mostly written in Hebrew and Greek. The Centres are able to translate them and study the principles that they hold. Kabbalah is not studied like most subjects; the instructors present the principles so that the student can then apply them to their individual lives.

Kabbalah Centres are more than places to study Kabbalah. Anyone who is interested in Kabbalah is welcome. Along with classes, materials are sold, dinners are held so the students can fellowship, and volunteering events are held and more important information click here.

Karen Berg and her son are now leaders of the U.S. Centres, and she sees volunteering as a very significant part of experiencing Kabbalah. She believes it changes mindsets and attitudes that were once self-centered into attitudes of giving. She believes that there is no way to learn this principle except by doing it.

For those who do not live in close proximity to a Kabbalah Centre, the Bergs began the Kabbalah Centre online and the Kabbalah University for students around the world. Kabbalahism believes that there is joy inside every human being with great potential to succeed. The Kabbalah Centres encourage students to practice the wisdom of Kabbalah in their everyday life.

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Rona Borre is An Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur

When Rona Borre quit her high-paying job as the leading account executive of a large staffing agency to start her own business, most of her contemporaries thought she was crazy. She proved them wrong because today, Instant Alliance, the company that she started is now one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in America.

Instant Alliance bills out millions of dollars to clients who are glad to pay the fees because Borre gets them results. She hires mainly financial and technological professionals for Fortune 500 companise as well as mid-sized and smaller companies too. Her results are nothing short of amazing because 99% of all the people she has placed since 2001 have stayed on with their respective companies. That is an unheard of statistic and she is proud of it.  For more of Borre and her company, click on vimeo.com.

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Borre is also very active in the Chicago business community as she serves in leadership roles with organizations such as the Young Presidents’ Organization, the Chicago Network, and the Economic Club of Chicago. She is in demand as a speaker too, and accepts when she has the time. Local business and civic organizations love to invite her to speak so she can tell her story. It is good for her business, and her positive and plain speaking support of entrepreneurship comes through loud and clear.  Hop over to thechicagonetwork.org for additional related articles.

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One Small Step For Whitney Wolfe; One Giant Leap For Women

Whitney Wolfe describes her humble beginnings in Austin Woman’s Day and Nightas a “child’s dream” when she described her rural beginnings in Utah. Wolfe later on was moved to Paris, France and then back to Utah for the remainder of her youth.

Wolfe was never stinted by her rural upbringing however, and went onto launching a business in college that created bamboo bags that funded the BP oil spill clean-up efforts. This bag business boomed and was quickly supported by celebrities including Denise Richards and Kate Bosworth. Whitney Wolfe always wanted to impact the world positively and continues her impact today.

Wolfe has since positively impacted the world by changing up the online dating scene by introducing Bumble, an app that requires women to make the first move. Whitney Wolfe’s revelation for Bumble’s premise came from her own aversion to initiating the first move according to Paper’s Whitney Wolfe: The Matchmaker. Whitney still resides in Austin, Texas to oversee and ensure that Bumble’s main hive still positively impacts and benefits its users.

Modern dating desperately needed a makeover that Whitney Wolfe gladly still provides through Bumble. There are quite of few benefits to Bumble. Bumble, like its competitors, is a mobile app that allows its users to connect on-the-go, or from home. The app still uses the yes or no swipe technique which simplifies the overwhelming monotony of lengthy surveys that were a norm of online dating’s past. It instills the idea that there’s someone out there for everyone as it includes 7 million users from 20 different countries. The major benefit that exists is that unlike traditional apps/websites where either gender has the opportunity to reach out after being matched, only the women can message the men they’ve matched with; the men just sit pretty with anticipation. The role reversal that Bumble offers is a huge leap for women who’ve traditionally succumbed to the misogyny of men through their often lewd first ‘moves’ in the dating virtual world. Bumble thrives due to its role reversal resulting in around 5,000 successful, serious relationships.

Kim Dao Visits The Zao Fox Village

Pikachu dolls, and a large amount of make-up in her drawers. Kim Dao’s apartment is what you’d expect of a Japanese apartment. Small but very cozy.


Kim Dao, a popular fashion and make-up YouTube personality, has a growing a fan base of over three hundred thousand members. With such a large fan base Kim Dao keeps them entertained and engaged with make-up tutorials, reviews, and a travel video logs or simply, vlogs. One of her videos, “Japan Vlog: Zao Fox Village in JAPAN” is a popular video with over fifty thousand views. In this vlog, Kim Dao visits the Zao Fox Village located in Miyagi, Japan. The Fox Village is a location where visitors can watch foxes in an isolated area. Visitors are warned against petting foxes as they are prone to biting. The video documents groups of foxes, including an all-black and an all-white fox. Kim Dao then states that visitors can pay one hundred yen to feed the foxes from an elevated platform. The foxes wait in groups below the platform hoping to snag the food before their fellow foxes. In multiple instances, a fox will scale the wall of the elevated platform in an attempt to get the food from Kim Dao. Afterwards, an all-white fox urinates on Kim Dao’s left sock. With an entry fee of 1000 yen, Kim Dao states that visiting during the winter season provides a great visual contrast between the snow and the orange fur of the foxes. After highly recommending her viewers visit the Zao Fox Village, the video closes with end screen annotations. Kim Dao’s voice then asks where she should visit next.

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