USHEALTH Group is on a Mission to Drive Quality Servicing in Insurance Industry

USHEALTH Group, Inc., an insurance firm based in Fort Worth, Texas, is on a mission to drive quality services in the insurance industry. Even since the firm founded, it is known for providing customized services to the customers by adding value to the industry. The firm has two subsidiaries namely National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company, and both the companies are working towards the mission of being America’s Trusted Option for Healthcare. The group through its subsidiaries has serviced more than 15 million clients till date.

The group provides a number of individual, family, and group insurance products for the people according to their requirements. Its span of products starting from Specified Disease/Sickness to Accident coverage. The group closely works with each customer to understand their priorities and offer the products according to their needs. While designing any new product, the firm looks for a comprehensive approach to addressing all the concerns of the customers. With each product, the firm is trying to make a value creation for both the group and to the customers by researching and closely working with the product designers. The group understands the complexities of people with limited budgets and offers first dollar benefits for a number of services and gives greater discounts in its large spectrum of providers while charging only an affordable amount for the services.

The USHEALTH Group sees the customer security and satisfaction as the top priority. To each of the customers, the groups look to offer ancillary products to cover the maximum risk of the individuals. The products address critical illness, accident, specific disease or sickness, income protector, short-term disability income, vision plans, dental plans, and term life insurance. The group also provide excellent sales channels and support through its qualified advisors. The advisors of USHEALTH Group is well trained in understanding the needs of their customers and matching the best product for customers’ requirements. All of the advisors of the firm are going through intense training to make sure an exceptional buying experience for the customers. The professional services given by the advisors have helped the firm to expand its offerings across the U.S. and more information click here.

The USHEALTH Group understands that each customer is unique and, customer needs are different. The PPO network of the firm is spread across the U.S., and a number of professional service providers are in its network ensures that people get broad access and on-time solutions. Its commitment to service has brought many accolades to the firm, and recently it won 11th Stevie Awards for providing exceptional customer service and a high number of sales. The Stevie Awards is an annual recognition given to the best business services in the contact center, customer service, sales professionals and business development around the world.

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