Jason Hope, The Futurist From Arizona, Gives His Take On IoT

Jason Hope is a futurist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, whose passion for technology is unmatched. The graduate from Arizona State University shares some of his opinions regarding the Internet of Things (IoT), justifying that IoT still has more in store.

While some people argue that technology is at its peak, and that all that is left is for it to die slowly, Hope disagrees with this. In fact, he believes that if those developing the technology can do so logically, then IoT will definitely live to is hype. Below are a few of the thing to expect:

People will adjust to a healthier lifestyle. Well, people don’t see how smart appliances will improve their health. But thinking of this from a different perspective, the one can see how healthier IoT will make people. Take for example, fitness trackers. Those who wears them will be able to make clear-cut choices concerning active living. This way, they will adjust accordingly. Furthermore, medical care will be improved, as IoT gives doctors easy and direct access to information pertaining their patients. IoT also reduces the trips one makes to the doctor, by allowing the doctor to remotely monitor the patient’s vitals.

Business will definitely improve. Hope gives an example of freezers in grocery stores. Temperatures in the freezer change whenever one opens the door too many times, or changes the size of stock in it. With IoT, the freezer temperature could be kept constant. In fact, this technology is already been implemented in some chain of stores. Apart from this, IoT can also improve the manufacturing industry. This is possible by allowing machines to communicate. Communications of machines will go a long way in improving the quality of a product without the need to increase the workforce.

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Cities are already being changed by the Internet of things. Looking at areas such as traffic monitoring, public safety, and resource management, it is evident that IoT has improved these sectors. There is, however, still room for improvement. For instance, connections and sensors can be used to improve these services. Public transportation has also been predicted to improve drastically through the intervention of the Internet of Things.

Looking at all these instances, it is certain that IoT can still live up to its hype. This disregards the opinion of those who think that it is on its hype cycle. All it needs Is the right development.

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