Jennifer Walden Enjoys The Challenge Of Thriving Family Life And A Successful Career

Today, Jennifer Walden is a widely known plastic surgeon who has built up a reputation for going above and beyond to make sure her clients are happy. Jennifer Walden was lucky to have parents who greatly supported her dreams for success, it gave her the encouragement necessary to push forward, especially considering the success of her parents.


After finishing off her schooling in Texas living with her parents, Jennifer went on to study at the University of Texas to build a strong academic foundation. After achieving her M.D., Jennifer went on to work at the Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital in New York. She worked here, among some of the greats in the industry for over 8 years. Since her move back to Texas to be closer to family and raise her boys, Jennifer has also been able to start up her own practice, known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. With Jennifer’s level of expertise, she guarantees the highest level of work and safety for all of her clients.


Jennifer Walden’s move back to Texas wasn’t an easy decision, but she thought it was best for her children to be closer to the family and have more support. This also ended up being a great move for her career, as opposed to something that limited it. With Jennifer’s level of care and experiences as a surgeon, clients still seek her own consistently for her services. She is also happy to balance both her career and personal life together, as she has always enjoyed a healthy challenge and wants to push herself when possible. This move not only made her a leading plastic surgeon out of Texas, but it was the start to her road as a mother.


Even in a profession that is primarily made up of men, Jennifer has managed to show off her skills and become a leading plastic surgeon in the country. With her determination to exceed expectations and make sure her clients feel good about their procedures both before and after, she will continue to be highly sought after, even residing in her home town of Austin, Texas.

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