Evolution Of Smooth Has Taken The Oral Care Industry By Storm

Everyone knows that for many years that the top name in lip balm was the ever familiar tube of Chapstick that could be found in just about every convenient, big box, and drug store in the country. That is why the seemingly overnight success of Evolution Of Smooth lip balm surprised everyone in the business. They came onto the scene seven short years ago and seems to attract the attention of the who’s who of Hollywood. Celebrities could be seen in possession of the unique new product. The inventive marketing of EOS is part of the overall success of the product. According to Fast Company‘s interview, the creator of the product noticed that there was a lack of inventive new lip products available on the market so when the product was created they also realized that they needed original packaging. The product comes in a square pot and the actual lip balm is formed into a round ball for easy application.

Evolution Of Smooth is an organic and all natural lip balm that goes on smooth and keeps your lips soft and healthy all day. The lip balm comes in a wide variety of unique and fun flavors that consumers love. The company the started off as a small endeavor has now blossomed into a business that is generating over $250 million in its short seven-year existence. The company has only been surpassed by competitor Burt’s Bees and has almost single-handedly changed the way that the oral care industry is approaching its research and development. You can visit just about any Walmart store that carries oral care products and find EOS.You can also find it from online stores like eBay and ULTA. It is one of the staples of most women’s beauty routines and the company is expecting to see continued growth in the future. EOS can be ordered online as well and comes in variety packs. EOS is obviously here to stay and will continue to amaze customers with their fabulous product.


Jennifer Walden Enjoys The Challenge Of Thriving Family Life And A Successful Career

Today, Jennifer Walden is a widely known plastic surgeon who has built up a reputation for going above and beyond to make sure her clients are happy. Jennifer Walden was lucky to have parents who greatly supported her dreams for success, it gave her the encouragement necessary to push forward, especially considering the success of her parents.


After finishing off her schooling in Texas living with her parents, Jennifer went on to study at the University of Texas to build a strong academic foundation. After achieving her M.D., Jennifer went on to work at the Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital in New York. She worked here, among some of the greats in the industry for over 8 years. Since her move back to Texas to be closer to family and raise her boys, Jennifer has also been able to start up her own practice, known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. With Jennifer’s level of expertise, she guarantees the highest level of work and safety for all of her clients.


Jennifer Walden’s move back to Texas wasn’t an easy decision, but she thought it was best for her children to be closer to the family and have more support. This also ended up being a great move for her career, as opposed to something that limited it. With Jennifer’s level of care and experiences as a surgeon, clients still seek her own consistently for her services. She is also happy to balance both her career and personal life together, as she has always enjoyed a healthy challenge and wants to push herself when possible. This move not only made her a leading plastic surgeon out of Texas, but it was the start to her road as a mother.


Even in a profession that is primarily made up of men, Jennifer has managed to show off her skills and become a leading plastic surgeon in the country. With her determination to exceed expectations and make sure her clients feel good about their procedures both before and after, she will continue to be highly sought after, even residing in her home town of Austin, Texas.

Smart Lighting is Here to Work for Your Business

As a business owner or decision maker within a company, you bring workers into your environment who you deem as capable and highly efficient in getting the job done. You want people in place who not only know what they’re doing, but you want them to do their work in the smartest way possible. Having to constantly follow up behind them to make sure that they’ve done their work, isn’t a productive way for you to spend your day. Fortunately for you, you’ve got workers who you can trust so that you can focus on other aspects of your job. The systems and applications you have in place in your business should be just as smart and efficient as the highly qualified team of professionals you hire.
This is why smart lighting is such a necessary component for a businesses success and future growth. The task of making sure that lights are being used in the most cost and energy efficient manner is something that you shouldn’t have to worry about, especially with the prevalence of smart lighting. This sensor activated feature for the lighting in your business, can save you time, money, and energy that no other lighting fixture on the market can.
In order to get the most out of the LED lighting that you already have in your business, you can implement IoT lighting applications from Gooee. These enterprise lighting applications were designed to help your business ‘achieve up to 90% more energy efficiency.’ Lighting analytics, beacon management, and building intelligence features from Gooee will seamlessly allow you to boost efficiency and productivity in your business like never before.

Handy Has Great Pay For Great Workers With Experience

It’s not hard to determine that Handy is a successful company because they easily surpass over a million dollars in bookings every week. With all these services that they are offering to their customers, it’s easy for that number to go up as time goes by because there are many people who want services from Handy. The cleaning services that Handy offers to any type of customer is the most popular, and those with a residential home or a business can use the services. Those who want to work for Handy will have it the best because they get to choose their own hours, similar to being self-employed.

Along with choosing when they work, workers also get great pay, but Handy isn’t like other cleaning services that may employ them. Handy makes sure to take of big interest in their workers by insuring them and checking their background before they become an employee of Handy. Those that work for Handy are technically their own boss, so they make their own success and can make a lot of money working for the company. Handy workers will average $18 an hour but can make up to $22 an hour or more.

Those workers that get tipped can see their wages go a lot higher than those that may not get tipped, and tips depend on the work that’s performed by each worker and how satisfied the customer is. Since Handy has the workforce to get the job done, many who need cleaning services are going straight to Handy for cleaners that are extremely professional. The workers will have everything they need to get started and to finish the job, but customers can always improvise by giving the cleaners some of their own cleaning materials if that’s what they prefer.

With the low cost of cleaning services that Handy provides, it’s a win-win situation for both the workers as well as the customers that are receiving the services, says Ecohustler. Handy doesn’t stop at only having cleaning services but provides a wide array of services that are all done by workers that are experienced. Any person who works for Handy, no matter what service they perform, they will have a background check performed, and Handy provides insurance that will cover their workers when they are in a customer’s place, whether it be a residence or a business. Handy is truly America’s favorite home cleaning service.

Unique and Inspiring Waiakea Water is Making a Splash

Waiakea water, the first Hawaiian volcanic water of its kind, is an award-winning and exciting brand that is being recognized for its innovation and environmental responsibility. Founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons, and seeking to transform the bottled water and beverage industry, Waiakea features a distinctive triple bottom line platform that combines health, sustainability and ethics.

This water originates as snowmelt and rain from a single source, the Mauna Loa active volcano, located southwest of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mauna Loa is the largest subaerial volcano in the world and is 2,400 miles from the nearest industrial landmass. It is surrounded by 10 million square miles of ocean, isolating it from the rest of the world. Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.organicauthority.com/Waiakea-Water-Redefines-Sustainable

Waiakea spring water flows constantly and filters through 14,000 feet of porous lava rock before re-emerging at its source, the Pahoa aquifer. The natural filtration enhances the water with a blend of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, a unique electrolyte-rich composition that makes it naturally alkaline as well as soft, silky, mildly sweet and delicious.

This great water is sustainably sourced, as only a tiny fraction of the aquifer’s yield is bottled. It is also packaged in a responsible way, using a special high-grade, 100% recycled plastic with great environmental advantages.  The CarbonNeutral Company, one of the world’s leading carbon offset and carbon management businesses, has awarded its certification to Waiakea, making it the first and only carbon-neutral bottled water in the United States.

Waiakea is not only making a difference for the environment but also for people in need around the world, as for every liter bought, Waiakea donates 650 liters of clean water in partnership with Pump-Aid, an orgAanization that delivers sustainable water solutions to thousands of communities in rural Africa.

This state-of-the-art brand is the proud recipient of multiple awards, including the FABI Food and Beverage 2015 award for innovation, the Best in Biz 2015 Gold award for Most Socially Responsible Company in North America, and number 2 of the 10 Best Bottled Water Brands of 2016 by 10 Best Water.

According to BabyBoomster, Waiakea water logan “Drink Healthy, Drink Sustainably, Drink Ethically” embodies this exceptional brand’s high standards and objectives of promoting a healthy lifestyle, protecting the environment and changing lives.

Brad Reifler Opines on Presidential Election


Brad Reifler recently had an opinion piece published by the Huffington Post. Reifler was expressing his fears about the upcoming election and how a new administration would impact the American economy. Read the entire essay in Huffington Post here.

Reifler is the grandson of Ray E. Friedman the founder of Refco where he was a star trader. He is known as a serial entrepreneur, a person with the business acumen to found, develop and then sell profitable businesses. He founded Forefront Capital in 2009 and is a former partner of Pali Capital. He, also, serves on the boards of several financial and banking institutions.

Many people are concerned about the outcome of this presidential election. Republicans have always wanted a fiscally conservative candidate that would express their economic views as president. This election pits a very qualified but dislike Democrat against a non-politician maverick who has changed his allegiances on important subjects in the past and has shown an unsettling aggressive personality that is loved by the far right but contrary to what is required of a president.

While Republicans usually favor the wealthy classes in the United States of America, Hillary Clinton has strong ties to Wall Street.

This election could not be over too soon for most of us.