Why Malini Saba deserves respect as one of the Greatest Business Personalities in the World

It is often said that for a woman to be successful, she works twice as hard as her male counterparts. This is a journey that Malini Saba, an international investor and philanthropist knows all too well.

When Ms. Malini begun her business ventures, she went through different parts of the world where she made investments in untapped areas. However, corrupt cartels and individuals worked hard day and night to ensure that she abandoned her investments and left from the areas that they had reserved for their interests.

After wasting a lot of money and recourses in her first business venture, Ms. Malini and her business partners decided to try out new opportunities. Every new territory they ventured in, they were encountered by tons of challenges. Through her hard work and undying spirit, however, she finally conquered the international business world.

Being successful in business brought Ms. Malini an unprecedented fame and fortune, but even with all that, she was still a humble woman who cared about the needs of other people. Ms. Malini’s business empire has grown firm over the years.

Despite her affluence, Ms. Malini still remembers her humble roots in Southern Asia. As a result, she has assumed a central duty in helping women who live in low-income areas to improve their lives. After succeeding in business, she founded a charity organization dubbed the Stree Global Investment whose sole aim is to empower women.

Ms. Malini first came in USA with close to nothing in her pockets. She settled in Stanford area at a cheap apartment. It was from her stay in Stanford that she began investing in small startups that she thought would do well in the future. After the startups took off, she was able to make a fortune. Some of the startups that were her investment portfolio were Netscreen Technologies and PayPal. These investments paid off immensely and fueled Ms. Malini’s urge to invest more.

Malini is currently the chairperson of Saban and a well-known investor and philanthropist in USA and across the world. Even with her financial success, she remained family oriented. She personally takes care of her children making sure they attend school and develop critical life skills. As a result, Ms. Malini has been described as one of the greatest businesswomen in the world.



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