Craving Something Different For Dinner?

It’s a cold, rainy evening and the usual Wednesday night meatloaf will not do. Instead ,you break out the soup pot and dump in the ingredients to make a hearty stuff. As you are cooking, your dog looks up at you and pushes his dog bowl aside. You’re not the only one craving something different. Beneful’s stew is just what your dog needs. The stew comes in beef and chicken flavors.
There are many other different foods that Beneful has to offer. If your dog loves your leftovers from your favorite Mediterranean restaurant, then he is going to love Beneful’s Mediterranean Style Medley. Maybe he is craving Tuscan Style or Romana Style instead. Each style is filled with meats, a variety of vegetables and either rice or pasta.

Sunday dinner can now consist of a Simmered Beef Entrée, or a Shimmered Chicken Medley, or even a Roasted Chicken Recipe to satisfy your dogs craving. Do not forget about the Roasted Turkey Medley which would be perfect for the holidays, or Savory Lamb and Rice for the nights that nothing else will do. The stews consist of pieces of real meat, vegetables, barley, and some of the stews contain rice.

There are plenty of nights that their everyday dinner of Beneful Originals will be more than enough to satisfy dog. Top it off with Beneful’s Baked Delights™ and you are sure to feel the love. Visit to know more about these products.

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