George Soros’ New Investment Strategy

China has been a strong economy for many years, and it long appeared that the country was experiencing what seemed to be endless growth. Now, George Soros is noticing troubling changes in the country’s banking system. He believes that the problems in the Chinese banking system could cause the country to head downhill. In addition to problems with the banking system, he has also noted that the industrial sector of the country is less successful. The consumer sector appears to be more dominant than the industrial sector. However, the consumer sector doesn’t appear to be as strong as the industrial sector has been. China may seem like a far off country to those living in Europe and The United States. However, problems with China’s economy will likely lead to problems in the economy around the world. Due to this, George Soros is now making his own preparations. Now, he is strategically moving his resources to investments that are more likely to do well in slower economic times.

George Soros is an extremely widely known investor, and many people around the world listen closely to his strategies. Not only do many people listen to his investment advice, but many people count on his advice for their own investments. He has done quite well with the funds he has managed, and the funds under his management are known for getting excellent returns. He also has been an investor for a long period of time, and he has ran his investment company, Soros Fund Management LLC from 1969 right up until the present. This firm manages 30 billion in funds.

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However, there have been many years that George Soros was not making very many changes to his own investments. Now, he’s been moving away from stocks, as he feels that the world economy is in danger. During a recession, stocks would have a tendency to lose value. However, certain precious metals have a tendency to increase in value, if a recession occurs.  He feels that this is a good investment strategy for the future, and other investors would have the ability to benefit from this investment strategy, as well.

There is one type of stock that George Soros is currently investing a lot of money in. He is switching over to stocks in companies that are responsible for gold mining. These companies’ stocks are also expected to do well, because there are generally a lot more people purchasing precious metals during bad economic times.

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