What’s With The Blueberries?

My puppy loves blueberries. It’s a weird phenomenon we discovered a few months ago when we were having a picnic, and we had brought her along with us so she could play in the park. Like any normal dog owners, we packed Fifi some treats and water so that she could enjoy eating while we did.
So, what’s with the blueberries? Well, I’m not really sure except that when we spilled a bowl of fruit salad in the grass, Fifi went absolutely nuts. She dive-bombed the berries like a lion on an antelope!

Well, because we weren’t sure how healthy it would be to keep feeding Fifi blueberries, we decided to search for a dog food that contains blueberries. And to our great surprise, there is one!

PurinaStore has a line of dog food called Beneful, and one of their dog foods actually contains some real blueberry. This dog food is called Playful Life and is actually their high protein dog food blend. The fact that it contains extra protein in the form of beef and egg products encouraged us even more to try Fifi on it. Besides blueberries, Beneful dog food also contains spinach. How can you go wrong with a food that has protein, fruit and veggies?

We weren’t really sure if Fifi would even be able to tell that there were blueberries in the food because, of course, they aren’t whole berries. Like with most dry dog foods, all the ingredients are formulated together into dry kibble pieces.

However, as soon as we poured a bowl of the food out for Fifi, it was pretty clear that she could tell. She bounded over to her bowl gleefully and started sniffing the Playful Life food ecstatically.

We may never know why she loves blueberries, but we have certainly found a dog food we will be sticking with from now on. Visit beneful.com for more information.

Order Beneful: http://www.amazon.com/Beneful-Food-Originals-Real-15-5-Pound/dp/B001VJ0B0I


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  1. Almost immediately she was gobbling the food up as enthusiastically as she had the spilled berries at our picnic. She didn’t touch the watermelon, grapes, banana or apples, but the blueberries all got gobbled up in a matter of seconds. It would have made aussieessays to get these him and it talk.

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