How EOS Lip Balm Dominated a Market and Became a Necessity for Millennials

The Fast Company’s Startup Report presents the story of how EOS Lip Balm was able to dominate a market that was oversaturated and seemingly driven by cutting costs instead of creating innovative products tailored to consumers. EOS, an acronym for “Evolution of Smooth”, was brought to the market by Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller. They identified several key factors that would ultimately make EOS Lip Balm a leading product in the skin care industry. These key factors determined their product concept and target market, product characteristics, and advertising techniques.

The co-founders of EOS Lip Balm wanted their product to be innovative and meet consumer’s needs. The Fast Company’s article gives their readers an inside look into the process that Mehra and Teller had created in order to differentiate their product from all others. The concept for EOS began with their target market, millennial women, since they represented the majority of consumers. Not being able to find your lip balm in your bag, minimal product variety, and the unsanitary method of applying lip balm with your fingers are all driving factors behind the appearance of EOS.

EOS Lip Balm is round in shape and easy to find in a cramped space. It comes in a variety of colors and flavors ( and can be applied straight to your lips from the balm case. It is also organic. These are all product characteristics that were created to engage the consumer’s senses. The finished product was a success and it revolutionized the oral care industry.

The advertising platforms used to promote EOS helped create brand awareness in record time. The most successful platform used was social media, which explains how the brand dominated the Amazon online market so quickly. Ultimately, the Fast Company’s article on EOS Lip Balm sheds light on the process of creating a product and the critical components that are involved to help ensure its success among consumers.

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Thor Halvorssen Knows How to Get the World to Pay Attention to Human Rights Violations

Thor Halvorssen knows the value of education. The now 40-year-old human rights activist has worked hard for an individual’s right to seek out the education that they deserve. In fact, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation was the first executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. It was a conservative-leaning educational activist group that fought for individual choice in education.

While the founder of the Human Rights Foundation fights for human rights around the world, he knows that education is key. In 1999, Thor Halvorssen led a group of individuals into the Lucent Technologies building in order to demand that the massive technologies company stops creating products with the help of slave labor in China. While he and his group succeeded, his actions didn’t make much news. He quickly realized that his efforts need a spotlight in order to be most effective.

As the Internet developed, Thor Halvorssen became much more effective at using viral content. In order to make is human rights advocacy most effective, he aims to take actions that many people will pay attention to. Take the movie The Interview, for instance.

The movie came under high scrutiny when the unilateral dictator of North Korea discovered that the film was about his own assassination. Kim Jong Un ordered his henchmen to hack the Sony Corporation. They were successful. Along with a hack, North Korea successfully called in multiple threats to movie theaters across the United States if the film was released commercially. This caused a great deal of conflict within the movie industry.

While so much attention was being paid to North Korea and its hostile actions against the movie industry, Thor Halvorssen took the opportunity to shine a light on the human rights violations of Kim Jong Un. His small but effective group of human rights activists began to float balloons into North Korea filled with cash and informational pamphlets. His efforts made the news because of the pop culture of events surrounding the unilateral dictator of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea. It is concrete action along with the world’s attention that makes for the most effective human rights advocacy.

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Tidal Music Streaming Gets Highlighted by Desiree Perez


A large number of people are starting to discover Tidal. This is the website that has managed to become a leader in high quality content in a very short time frame. Many people have seen the way that this company has managed to sneak into the top position, and Desiree Perez is the person to thank for all of this.


Desiree Perez has become something of a leader when it comes to negotiation, and Tidal is really taking off with the work that she has done. There is a lot of grow for this company, and the buzz is strong because there are a ton of people that are switching to music streaming services. This is the way to go for many people that have tried to move away from physical storage for the music. Many people simply do not want to buy discs anymore. Desiree Perez is aware of all of these types of things, and she has made it her mission to make sure that people take notice of what title has to offer.   Source:


A good number of people have realized that Tidal is the streaming service that is going to gain a lot of interest because there are so many exclusive releases on this website. Desiree Perez has the ability to separate herself from all of the other music streaming sites by providing exclusive content.

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Perez has been great at helping Jay-Z get this company off the ground. For a long time a lot of people thought that it would just sink into obscurity and fade away. This was not the plan that Desiree Perez had for this company though. She knew that there was some value in this music streaming service, and she has done a great job of bringing all of this to the surface. has this.

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Betsy DeVos Stands Against All Forms Of Discrimination

Even though America can be considered one of the best countries to live in, one can’t deny that the country has a history of human rights violations and discrimination. However, presidents and the country as a whole has been fighting really hard to make the country just and fair. Among the things that they are fighting against is discrimination. Among the different types of discrimination that has gotten the most attention are racial discrimination and gender discrimination. The most recent attempt to get rid of discrimination has involved the transgender issue. There has been a bill that has made it so transgender people can go into any restroom with the gender that they identify themselves as.

Recently, President Trump has decided that he is going to overturn the bill. However a lot of people have opposed this act according to Among the people that have opposed this is Betsy DeVos. Betsy is someone who has a lot of compassion, especially when it comes to children. She especially has compassion on children who feel the need to change their genders. One thing she has been fighting to do is to get rid of all instances of discrimination. However, the administration that she has been called to be a part of has done something that she does not agree with.

Betsy DeVos believes in inspiring people to live healthier lives with her example. She is not comfortable with the idea of any kind of discrimination. Therefore, she is willing to stand up for those that are most vulnerable even to those that she works for. One of her main objectives is to make sure that children will get the best education possible in the best environment so that they can get good grades and advance to higher education until they get their degree.

Given Betsy’s stance on discrimination, she may still have a battle to fight. However, she is still willing to do whatever it takes to keep this country fair for people, especially children. For one thing, she understands that life is not fair. She does everything she can to make it a little more fair for people.

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Construcap Plans Future Growth Projects

Construcap is a company that is constantly focused on the future. There are a lot of people in business in Brazil who see the need for more construction companies like this one, Since the company was started, Construcap has done a great job of helping other people with their business needs. Not only that, but the company is truly dedicated to working with other people in order to solve their problems. One of the great things about the business is the technology it uses to serve others. If you have a home or building being constructed by this company, you have a way to check in on the progress of the construction at


When the company first launched, a lot of people were skeptical that it would succeed. Construcap has always had a different focus than many construction companies. Although they do care about making money as a business, they are struggling in a variety of other areas in the beginning. The good news on is that they have worked out those problems and are now looking towards the future for ways that they can add value in the lives of others. If you are ready to start thinking about ways that you need help with a home or building, working with Construcap is a great idea. They are constantly trying to improve so that they can improve the service to customers.

Future Plans

Construcap has a great future ahead of it for many reasons. Not only does the company have a sound business plan, but they are also looking for ways to improve how they interact with customers. Over the long term, this is a company that can do a lot of good in Brazil. As the country continues to grow, it will need companies like Construcap to take on the work projects needed in a variety of areas on Over time, working with Construcap is one of the best things that anyone can do if they truly want high levels of customer service in their work. Start working with them today on the next big project that you want to accomplish.

Desiree Perez Taking Tidal to New Places

Streaming services in music create a booming business and a lot of cash have been earned in the sector. Within the business, Tidal is an underdog although the official Desiree Perez is working hard to change the same. Perez put everything in the light that the firm looked ahead in accomplishing all its targets. One unique thing about Perez is that she owners her private business and fully understands how to strategize while making the Tidal business to reap more benefits. And for that very reason, more individuals are coming up in acknowledging Tidal. The truth is; there is someone out there ensuring everything works as per the expectation. And Des Perez has the correct perspective for working up the Tidal business. Tidal has been featured in the news taking and gaining of a couple of collection exclusives from some of their outstanding co-proprietors, for example, Beyoncé, T.I., Kanye West and Rihanna. The Tidal alignment is said to make strides and has become more standard than it was before. First, that is attributed to The Life of Pablo West’s arrival. More than one million individuals have joined as trial clients since last February.

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Perez is no longer an untouchable to media or business outlets. Desiree Perez   is hitched to “OG” Juan Perez who started the Roc Nation Sports. She has a rep because of her solid negotiation & accounting skills. Her history and administration aptitudes to some degree address themselves. She is even credited with putting down the deets for Beyoncé’s Formation stadium visit and moreover being a central player in Rihanna’s Samsung activity. Perez is additionally a member of the solid Hova Circle and the aggregate similarly solidifies her life associates among other great individuals like Jana Fleischman, Chaka, TyTy Smith, Pilgrim and Jay Brown. Currently, Tidal has endeavored to focus most of its services on new and potential.

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What You Need to Know About Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama was born on June 1, 1958, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Gama has exceeded all expectations, and now he is the leader of an internationally renowned company. As a scholar has learned, Alexandre Gama has a degree in Advertising and Communications from the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation this has paved the way for his career.

Alexandre Gama established his first advertising company in 1999 called Neogama. Through the hard work and passion, he had the calling company won at the Cannes Film Festival in the first year of its creation; this was a remarkable event for the Range and Sign Of success soon.

The range of thought was right Neogama BBH his company merged with a London agency in 2002 and the same year the collaboration was named the ‘Agency of the Year’ by Cable awards.No next year the company won a prize of two golden lions at Cannes in two broad categories press and movie.

In the light of success, the awards do not stop there because of his diligent hard drive he was named one of the most influential professionals in history. Also in the same year, Alexandre Gama was chosen “Agency Director of the Year.” In 2007 advertising professionals was elected as one of the top 3 advertising men in Brazil.


EOS Lip Balm- Shaking Up The Makeup Aisle

For years, lip balm has always been a tube that came in a limited amount of flavors. That was until EOS lip Balm came along with their spherical shape, wild flavors like honeydew, and grapefruit, and little to no advertising in the beginning.

Most women use lip balm daily as part of their beauty routine. When EOS came on the market, pots of lip balm were popular, due to how easy it is to lose a tube of lip balm with all the pens and other cylindrical things in the bottom of your bag. While the pot was appealing because they were easy to find while rummaging around in a bag, nobody liked to apply it with their fingers. This is how EOS shook up the makeup aisle and created a unique product that everyone can use, and does.

Jonathan Teller, one of the original creators of EOS, says there was opportunity in competitor’s laziness. They were all trying to undercut each other in pricing to gain sales, however, they were still all selling the same product, in the same shape and flavors as others. Using their own money, they began to develop a product that was fun to use, and a vital part of many women’s daily beauty routines.

To set themselves apart, they marketed a product that used all five senses, at a comparative price, to sell their item. From the fun flavors, the colors of the orbs that hold the lip balm, the way that it feels in your hand, the clicking sound when it closes, and by using organic ingredients so it’s friendly for everyone, EOS has shook up the makeup aisle ( in a way that nobody expected would happen. Better yet, when this small start up began, all their money went to product development and distribution, not advertising. It gained fame by finding its way in the hands of fashion forward millennials, thanks to a female buyer for Target that liked the sphere shape.

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Capital Group Poised For Growth After Appointing New Chairman

Timothy Armour has enjoyed a successful career at Capital Group. Presently, he heads the group as chairman and CEO tasked with increasing its capital under management. He has the experience required for the job because he has been with the company for three decades. Additionally, Tim is also the chairman of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., and Capital Group Companies Management Committee in Los Angeles.

Early Career

Tim is an accomplished equity portfolio manager. In fact, earlier on in his career, after graduating from Middlebury College with an economics degree, he worked as one of Capital Group’s equity investment analysts. He was tasked with covering global telecommunications as well as service companies in the United States.

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Why Tim Armour was Elected Chairman

Tim Armour worked under the former chairman, James Rothenberg, until his passing in 2015. Rothenberg had handpicked Tim as his deputy and was grooming him to be his successor. At the time he headed Capital Research and Management Company as well as the group’s management committee.

After Rothenberg’s death, Capital Group’s Board of Directors called an emergency meeting to appoint a new chairman to lead the company. Jim was chosen over other candidates like Rob Lovelace because he had more experience and possessed the leadership qualities required to run one of the biggest investment management firms in the world.

Rob Lovelace, the grandson of Capital Groups founder and first chairman, is the present president of Capital Research and Management Company. He will continue to work with Tim and other members of the company’s management team to implement the group’s business strategies and oversee operations.

Active Fund Management

Tim Armour has for a long time been a strong proponent of active fund management at Capital Group. He believes that active managers get things done and achieve more success than passive managers who rely on market indexes to make investment advice. Active managers invest more time and resources into market research to find the next big thing and invest their money to achieve a higher return on investment. In turn, this grows their customers’ investments.

Capital Group manages assets worth a whopping 1.4 trillion dollars. With clients like American Funds, Timothy has his work cut out for him. However, he proved to be the perfect man for the job when, in 2015, the group’s sales operations team brought in a record amount of new capital compared to other companies in the industry.


Securus Technologies the Leading Provider of Telecommunication Services in the USA

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. It is an American prison for profit company dealing with technology and has regional offices in Atlanta Georgia, Allen Texas, and Carrollton Texas. The company offers jobs to more than a thousand people in Texas and have entered into contracts with more than two thousand, six hundred companies and correctional facilities in the United States alone. It is believed to be serving over two thousand, two hundred correctional facilities in Canada as well. Since its establishment, Richard Falcone was the chairman and chief executive officer till 2008, when Richard Smith took over. These two gentlemen have led to the growth of the company, and the company is a leading investor in technologies with more than six hundred million in acquisitions, patents and right in just three years.

Securus Technologies provide detainee communication services, parole tracking services, and government information management services. It is one of the largest providers of enterprise technology, analytics, and information technology services. Other than Columbia, Mexico, and Canada the company has more than one million inmates all over the world. It is well known and recognized a leader in providing comprehensive technical solutions and responsive customer service.

Securus Technologies primary duty is to provide criminal justice technology solutions for corrections and monitoring, public safety, and investigation. The company is committed to serving its customers by providing general information, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, and incident management. Their motive is to make this world a better place to live in and also ensure that our prisoners are well maintained. In addition to the above services, Securus Technologies Limited is the leading telephone service provider to inmates in the US. By July 2015, the company had a data breach of close to seventy million phone calls records.